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Adorable Foxes Discover Trampolines
October 6th, 2011 
Animal of the Day! When foxes aren't trying to get retaliation on farmers or fleeting, they are discovering new things. These two decide to give this trampoline a try and it is pretty awesome.
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February 20th, 2008
Seems like working the late shift on the front desk in a police station has it's benefits - Especially when a cute chick turns up and seems to enjoy having her picture taken in comprimising positions - OMG !
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February 23rd, 2010
Hahahahaha this news anchor just cant control the laughter and i don't blame him. It looks like a lightening bolt has given her a new lease of life. Uber LOL!!
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November 27th, 2009
Hot damn this girl is so hot she has sparked that fire off. Just look at that booty and them chesties she is awesome, i think i'm in love.
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January 9th, 2012
If you've ever listened to the silken tones of Schwarzenegger's voice and thought to yourself; "this man should be a singer" then you're totally insane, but in for a treat. Let Arnie serenade you down the Kindergarten K-Hole.
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January 19th, 2012
Talk about an unfair fight. Ok, so this tree has been giving it the big one for months now, running it's mouth every 5 minutes. Yep, he should have kept it's mouth shut but the reaction from this dude is totally over the top. No more baby bananas from this poor tree. Ever.
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April 22nd, 2010
This is the scenario I envision happening to me when I first see my future wife. Pick her up and spin her around while holding her ass - Except in this version i think he's taking it a bit too far by putting it up to his face - Perfect!!
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August 17th, 2011
This guy is having a really bad day. Gets in a fight with his girlfriend, grabs her gun, blows off some really important stuff, and now the cops are pressing charges against him for unlawful discharge of a weapon. What a ball-ache!
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May 8th, 2008
I can think of dumber things to do if i want to make sure i will never father children - But to actually contemplate doing a railslide without a skateboard and thinking that your nuts will break the fall is kinda insane - OUCH!!!
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July 26th, 2012
Holy crap this guy must have some serious brains. He gets taken down before anyone even knows whats going on. On the other hand he might have just been asking for a light for his cigarette?
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August 6th, 2012
Some people find eternal happiness in the weirdest locations - We here at Pugorama wish that we loved anything as much as the man in this video loves these trains. Sadly, we don't.
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