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BBQ Grill Fire Explodes In Cameraman's Face
October 7th, 2010 
The cameraman's arm is ok! It was cooked rare so flavor wasn't completely cooked out. But the face was a write-off, oh well better luck next time.
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January 25th, 2013
If you need advice on anything, always ask your father. Learning from someone who doesn't have a clue what they're doing is always the best way to get ahead in life. Congratulations, dad it was all captured on camera too.
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January 17th, 2012
Apparently it's possible to almost completely submerge this truck in river water without totally destroying the engine. If you drive like this guy though, it's not a truck you want, it's a boat!
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December 15th, 2008
This is kinda what life is ALL about, 2 cute young chicks just flipping out to Rob Zombie and play-fighting in the bedroom - However, you cannot fail to recognise the sexual tension straining to get out as it gets more & more out of control :)
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July 2nd, 2009
Something must have really got to these English cops because they don't feel the need to hold back while hammering this drunken youth when he doesn't comply. TAZER TAZER TAZER!!!!
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December 18th, 2009
It's pay back time baby girl and this time she doesn't find it quite as funny. Damn look at the damage that club did to her computer ouch!
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June 12th, 2010
If you have the need for speed, prepare to get owned! I must say, i was rather impressed with this drivers skills right up until four guys had to dive to get out of his way - There must be safer wasy of messing about on the water - OMG!
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November 7th, 2008
Wow this sexy camwithher honey sure knows what she's doing when it comes to removing clothes in a hot fashion. And once she has got all her kit off there is a stunning body for us all to look at.
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April 20th, 2012
A song about Britain’s much maligned but growing underclass from Plan B. Ben Drew dons a hoodie and cries out about social alienation It’s quite possibly the new anthem for England’s underclass & the first great mainstream protest song in years.
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April 21st, 2009
Maybe this is how she got her name because she goes totally gaga in this video. What the hell is she doing, has she been smoking crack pipe just before coming on stage it certainly looks like it.
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January 12th, 2011
This Japanese woman's attempt to explain Titanic sounds pretty ridiculous, but, believe it or not, it's the exact same pitch James Cameron gave the studio. A billion dollars later, who's laughing now?
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