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Babe Gets Fired Up
November 18th, 2010 
When a babe this hot starts telling you abut fire safety you know your going to be listening or maybe you'll just eye ball her hot body and stunning face like i did.
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good life there
March 12th, 2013
There is awesome and then there is AWESOME, then there is this. Prepare to witness a short stop-motion animation that shows the history of the world from prehistoric times onward. Very humbling.
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February 25th, 2011
I'd bet that the average dairy farm does not have even half the amount of cheese that this video contains. 'Wild Bill Shatner' is gettin' his funk on big time in this early seventies TV Show appearance. I'm in awe of the hip of it all !!
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June 2nd, 2011
You’ll watch this and be utterly captivated. If only this sort of thing happened when you order a Domino’s after drinking your body weight in distilled spirits the night before. Feeling hungry now?
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June 12th, 2012
These girls are having such a good time at this party they feel the need to dance on the speakers. And it doesn't end too well for one of them. But she is cool enough to style it off.
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August 22nd, 2012
Get ready for one of the funniest fights you will ever see. Not only are they totally mismatched but they are both completely terrible at fighting. it's just a shame they didn't sell tickets, they'd have made a fortune.
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October 24th, 2011
Remember, appearances can be deceiving. This guy looks pretty normal from just staring at him at the beginning. The nose piercing is a bit of a hint though, and then once the make up starts to come off his real self is revealed.
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August 23rd, 2010
It would be advisable to pay very close attention to this sneaky chick-trick - Apparently with a simple marker pen and some skillful application girls can fool guys that they are cute, fit and toned - It's SO clever i can't spot it - WTF?
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February 18th, 2010
This brings new meaning to "dropping the ball". It's not something that you want to happen to you, one minute you're driving along the street minding your own business. The next you're spinning through the air. Nasty.
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November 8th, 2011
Tired with receiving unsolicited phone calls this father lets his 1 year old kid answer the phone. This way you'll never be bothered by them again, unless that is of course they want to see you diapers!
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May 20th, 2013
So, you're trying to be a fire breather but have no professional training whatsoever. No problem, it can't be that hard, can it? All you need is some blonde hair and you will have the mental capacity to achieve total success and entertain millions on the interwebs. FAIL!
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