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Babe Gets Fired Up
November 18th, 2010 
When a babe this hot starts telling you abut fire safety you know your going to be listening or maybe you'll just eye ball her hot body and stunning face like i did.
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good life there
October 1st, 2010
The votes are in and we have ourselves a winner!.. Camgirl Emi here has the cure for what ails the beauty pageant circuit these days. Miss America was never as Nawty as this, and as such, not nearly as interesting.
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May 31st, 2011
This will be the first thing you will think when you watch the new trailer for MW3. ‘Set gaming levels to ludicrous and let’s blow some shit up.’ That seems to be the reasoning behind the Modern Warfare franchise. F#ck yeah.
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January 4th, 2008
If you play around with big guns then expect a BIG reaction - All i can say is im not sure what end of the gun is safer - OMG!
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March 10th, 2008
NEVER invite geeks to perform anything on a stage - Three nerds turn a nativity scene into a full-scale LARP battle - Sacrilege ensues - LOL !
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March 12th, 2013
Let this be an inspiration to you all. Never let little things like lack of possessions, clothing, or hygiene hold you back in life. All you need is a positive attitude like this dude and the world is your lobster. Honest.
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July 22nd, 2010
Well.. I'll bet that buddy didn't see this coming, I mean I've heard of respecting your adversaries but this goes a bit far. One thing I don't get though, if this is all it took to KO this dude, what's he doing in the ring to begin with?
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November 7th, 2014
Drinking and driving is bad, but it’s so much lamer on a scooter. And then even lamer when you’re riding on the back. You kinda feel sorry for them when the inevitable happens. OUCH!
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March 3rd, 2015
QUICK! Someone call Samuel. L. Jackson before this gets out of control - I've had it with this Monday to Friday snakes in this Monday to Friday drain! If i saw this i wouldn't be able to film it, i'd be totally terrified.
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February 14th, 2011
Well, you can't deny that this girl likes doing it doggy style, cos she certainly seems to be enjoying this. What next for this shameless maiden? Maybe step up the fear factor and cover herself in raw steak and go lie down in a lion's den?
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February 3rd, 2011
Aka The ‘Douche Network’, full of beer-guzzling, brotastic frats. Puking up Yager through their nostrils, binge injecting kegs of beer into their buttholes & all sorts of real dumbass behaviour, for they are men. And not just any men, but bro-men.
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