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Babe Smack Out - NOT!
January 6th, 2010 
Finalist in Doritos Crash The Super Bowl commercial contest. While these poofs we slapping each other up i would be spanking their girls up. What a waste :(
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May 22nd, 2012
Tv just doesn’t get much better than this. Seriously. It doesn’t! Jerry Springer was possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to television - ‘Doesn’t matter had sex’ comes to mind in this situation – This guy is my new all-time hero!
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April 11th, 2011
The homoerotic tension runs high (don’t pretend you don’t love it) in this new video for Daft Punk’s track “Alive”, proving the 80s were cool and everyone was younger and sometimes it’s OK to be gay. Gay as in happy!
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September 2nd, 2011
She may look all vulnerable and inviting, but this webcam cutie has a very dark secret! If you can draw your eyes away from her for a moment you might just glimpse the Terminator - So think twice before touching :(
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December 12th, 2007
You can always leave it up to frenzied felines to keep you amused for hours - I wonder what is really going on inside their heads ?
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December 17th, 2010
A cop arrests a skater kid and gets rough with him after the skater runs his mouth. Man cops are total assholes but if you are pussy skater then you should keep your mouth shut.
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October 22nd, 2012
It's the new game that is sweeping the nation, kids simply can't get enough of it. Whether it's the throwing or the catching, they are amused for hours. Not sure if those blood stains will come out in the wash though?
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April 18th, 2010
This bitch fight is from the game 'Dead Fantasy 2' and it's just about as intense and non stop as you could possibly get - If you had a choice of watching just one bitch fight in your life i would suggest you try this one - OMG !
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September 30th, 2011
Listen up and pay attention people: It's been a heavy night and you have pulled a babe but now remember her name, no problemo just follow these steps and you'll be fine!.......... Maybe?
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July 16th, 2014
Don't go f#cking up your girlfriend's pattern down there, that sh#t is not cool! I'm troubled by how many times he has to do it, she must've been hairier than Bigfoot. Just keep drinking the vodka and everything will be just fine
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September 26th, 2009
This guy takes some down time between trains to show off how awesome his jumps are. Unfortunately, now he has to catch a train going the reverse direction.
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