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Best Man Sets Groom's Hair On Fire
May 5th, 2011 
I think it's safe to assume here that the best man's toast was all over the groom's hair to try and extinguish the flames. Well, that's if he still made it to being best man after this little mishap!?
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June 16th, 2010
The difference between an awesome prank and Murder 2 is so slim sometimes that it's hard to tell them apart, a lot rests on the sanity of the prankster at the time. This fat weird looking guy is definitely treading a thin line between murder and madness - WTF!?!
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April 12th, 2012
If you have the need to induce heart attacks on other people here's what you do. Stand very still with a skeleton mask on until the unsuspecting public don't think you're real. Then hit them with it and watch them crap themselves.
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December 6th, 2007
You can always count on the Japanese to come up with the most surreal way of learning the English language - A cute chick with bottom problems is a sure-fire winner - WTF?
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February 14th, 2012
This is taking romance to an entirely new level. Look at the amount of effort this smooth bastard has gone to to impress his girlfriend, but the killer thing is that she doesn't even notice. That's a dump-able offence in my book.
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March 5th, 2013
This extremely graphic commercial shows that when a car hits a pedestrian at 70kph he's pretty much a goner, but just 10kph slower and the pedestrian would have been fine. It pays not to speed people.
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June 19th, 2013
You just have to love beauty pagents for rubbish like this! To be honest what do you expect? Of course she is going to give the most stupid answer, she is a complete bimbo. But hey that doesn't stop it being funny.
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February 16th, 2011
In Russia FAIL does not take any prisoners and is never content with one event if it can claim two at the same time. Of course you have to be kinda dumb to be doing something like this in the first place - OUCH!
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December 2nd, 2009
Man this is too cool, i am so impressed with whoever made this. And for once ladies and gentle men I'm not actually being sarcastic.
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April 14th, 2008
In the ongoing battle between PC's and Macs and Apple have just uncovered their new secret weapon - PC owners will have to bow their heads in shame as they concede they have nothing to match the awesome firepower of a Penthouse Pet - LOL!
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October 11th, 2011
The long winter must really take it out on people living near the Artic Circle, i'd imagine the combination of cabin fever and vodka makes people believe that ice skating is just a warm up for some seriously cold swimming!
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