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Best Man Sets Groom's Hair On Fire
May 5th, 2011 
I think it's safe to assume here that the best man's toast was all over the groom's hair to try and extinguish the flames. Well, that's if he still made it to being best man after this little mishap!?
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September 29th, 2009
Her name is Vicky - She is a camgirl - She is hawt - If fact, she is perfection - She is a mistress of knowing what guys want !
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November 26th, 2012
Never attempt something a professional makes look easy - Well he's seen his buddy do it so the chances are he'll be able to do it himself. Guess again douche bag you're about to really hurt yourself.
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October 13th, 2010
Sometimes it's good to have friends who come and bug you at work - This mechanic should be very happy his buddy came in to talk with him when he did otherwise this could have worked out very differently - OMG!
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August 29th, 2008
Just how far can you take the Mentos & Coke experiments - I do believe this is about anal as you can get with this - Why this dude agreed to this is beyond me - OMG !
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August 15th, 2012
Big legs + Karate = Splits, no problem. It's basic math, really. This has to be the funniest movie supercut I've ever seen, fully of toe curlingly bad clips from 90s Van Damme crapfest movies. Pure gold.
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July 6th, 2012
‘It’s like Toy Story, only shittier’ is the tagline for this mini action movie which pits popular video game characters against each other, but all the while still constrained with the confines of their respective cover designs.
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March 31st, 2011
Hahaha this couldn't really have gone much worse for this young lady, sometimes a plane ride has a messy side-effect! Just as they hit weightlessness she gets a face full of puke. Imagine how bad that smelt
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May 15th, 2013
So if you were thinking it was gonna be another day of you surfing the web and filling your mind with useful info, think again! Today is the day to learn (unlearn?) yourself some wordz!
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August 30th, 2011
Well, this is just about the god darnest greatest thing ever. Using duct tape as the Tron light cycles, it even has an awesome surprise cameo from the Tron movies' number one fan. Epic.
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December 28th, 2010
Nowt more impressive than shit getting blown up, is there? If your answer was “nope” then you were so wrong. Because there is something more impressive than shit getting blown up. And that’s shit getting blown up in slow-mo.
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