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Biggest Boobs on the Planet!
January 7th, 2011 
Some things must be seen to be really believed and this is ONE (actually) of those things! A woman recently received breast implants that gave her the biggest boobs in the world! OMG!
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June 5th, 2008
Having watched this I have started planting sharp objects at every possible location in my apartment - I am now waiting for my girlfriend to kiss me ! (it may take some time for this plan to work)
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January 24th, 2008
You can just predict what is goonna happen here - You want to stop it but the dark part of your mind needs to see the destruction an 8yr old kid with a large baseball bat will do to a family TV - AWESOME!!!
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September 16th, 2008
The Battle Begins Between Terminator And Robocop - How they haven't made a real movie about this yet is beyond me, but regardless, this is awesome - It's just a shame that Robocop has such a gay walk, he can hardly be called 'badass' - LOL !
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December 31st, 2010
It's that time of year again guys, well actually it isn't, but who the hell cares! But you know what that means anyway! Lots of awesome videos of chicks losing their minds trying to look hawt :)
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August 9th, 2011
Damn, i thought this was all about poor old Goatse. Why can't this guy pronounce goatee properly? You wouldn't get this device near my face, hell no! It looks like an instrument of pure torture!
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November 8th, 2010
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a super-dooper human stamping machine with awesome speed - You have got to see her other act, where she breaks the world record by turning 3,465 eggs into whipped cream !
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September 28th, 2011
You win some, you lose some. BAD. The jet-ski-to-tube stunt might have worked if this guy had been able to follow directions, but it looks like his leg made a wrong turn right before the ankle.
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June 15th, 2012
Not only has this guy been dumping logs in the toilet but he's been dumping them in the street too. When confronted about his illegal dumps he goes into a rage about not taking "orders" from women. Just a nice guy all round really.
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January 13th, 2012
I can't imagine why this sort of information is of any use at all to anyone. Still, if I got a chance to put a cat into a zero-g environment, I totally would, just to mess with it's furry little head.
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March 2nd, 2011
Even in space aboard the Starship Enterprise they can't escape the clutches of the most popular game ever. But when a piece of entertainment threatens the safety of the ship, it's not just about launching birds at green pigs on shaky structures any more...
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