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Biggest Boobs on the Planet!
January 7th, 2011 
Some things must be seen to be really believed and this is ONE (actually) of those things! A woman recently received breast implants that gave her the biggest boobs in the world! OMG!
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April 10th, 2013
If you want to scare someone for the rest of their life, then this is an excellent way of going about it. Turn a cab driver into a raving loon straight out of a horror movie as he jabbers utter nonsense before going into full on freakout mode.
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April 23rd, 2010
I dont often treat you guys to this kind of thing so today i thought I'd let you off the leash a little and see how an awesome video like this goes down - Prepare to be entertained by a pretty young thing that will leave you drooling for moar!
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August 23rd, 2013
This is so simple yet so effective. Now you know exactly what to do if you want to prank the hell out of your girlfriend tonight. But be prepared for the beat down you might get like this guy.
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April 4th, 2014
George Lucas soaked up and spat out a whole bunch of different influences for the original Star Wars trilogy. In this 15 minute short he talks about where he got the idea for the lightsaber from.
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April 1st, 2011
Now this looks like an easy one to pull off, if you have the balls. Two guys stand outside an office building and refuse to let people enter for security reasons, a prank made possible by suits and shades.
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March 12th, 2012
Aww, there's nothing quite like tryue love! These two have a wonderful relationship based around pranking each other while the other is sleeping. And we get to enjoy it because they video tape it all. I reckon the poor guy comes off worse!
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July 15th, 2010
Beardyman is a beatboxing ninja who once swallowed a fly, and to catch the fly he swallowed a spider. Then the spider was into sick beats so he swallowed a stereo system and thus he can now produce incredible sounds from his mouth. True story.
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January 14th, 2009
Its one of those great things that you could probably watch all day even if they were rotters. But luckily here we have two beauties one brunette and one blonde, perfect!!!
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November 20th, 2012
Forget take your kid to work day -- today is Take a Supermodel to Work Day. Watch what happens when super model, Kate Upton, goes to work with NBA superstars, Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder.
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February 25th, 2013
Ever wonder what would happen if you’d spent your life injecting deadly snake venom into your body in an insane search for eternal youth? Steve Ludwin has since the 1980s. He’s now 46. Total madness!
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