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Biggest Boobs on the Planet!
January 7th, 2011 
Some things must be seen to be really believed and this is ONE (actually) of those things! A woman recently received breast implants that gave her the biggest boobs in the world! OMG!
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August 31st, 2011
He's handshaking like a BOSS! Who knew that the leader of a country could be even close to being cool. If other leaders of countries see this in action then maybe we will finally see world peace?
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October 10th, 2011
How was your August/September? Were you out there winning like these people? Or were you out there losing like those people in the fail compilations? That’s a lot of questions just to watch a video, right?
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January 10th, 2014
Where most of us would shiver our balls off, this man runs around nearly butt-naked, jumping in freezing water and enjoying the snow. His secret: straight vodka, and lots of it. We salute you, ya crazy bastard.
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January 31st, 2013
Sometimes live Tv doesn't quite go to plan - And that's how "AAAAAUUUGGGGGHHH!" became Linda Carson's signature sign-off for ABC-7. You could say she picked on the wrong kid here .........
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October 9th, 2010
Wow this chick has the skills to pay the bills, well maybe not but she can peel a banana with her feet which is pretty damn cool. I'll never have to goto the zoo to watch monkeys play again :)
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September 4th, 2012
The icons of modern gaming take on the icons of the Atari era as Lara Croft, Master Chief and a bunch of other notables take on space invaders and asteroids as they attack a city. Who will win this epic battle? Lets get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!!!
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March 5th, 2009
Now this has got to be the ultimate tv contest. Getting hot chicks in the bra's and skirts to skip and see how can do the most in a minute and a half. Perfect spectators sport.
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March 17th, 2011
Now on a bmx or a mountain bike this trick is reasonably difficult so can you imagine how hard and scary it would be on a super bike. Is this is case of just showing off or some truly impressive super skills!!?
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July 1st, 2011
No one does ridiculously over the top insane action sequences that defy every natural law in the known universe, performed by an action hero made entirely of awesome, than the Indian Bollywood scene.
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September 28th, 2011
You win some, you lose some. BAD. The jet-ski-to-tube stunt might have worked if this guy had been able to follow directions, but it looks like his leg made a wrong turn right before the ankle.
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