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Biggest Boobs on the Planet!
January 7th, 2011 
Some things must be seen to be really believed and this is ONE (actually) of those things! A woman recently received breast implants that gave her the biggest boobs in the world! OMG!
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August 17th, 2011
Tomorrow's webcam generation are growing up far too quickly, one minute they are crawling around the floor in diapers, the next they are making webcam videos and taking over the internet & trying to look cute. Be afraid
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August 24th, 2010
This mutt might be the missing link between dogs and humans. He knows how a telly works, and he gets Family Guy. All he needs is a beer and he’s pretty much a developed male. AWESOME!
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January 10th, 2011
This video is why you should never go cliff-top dining. Sure it may seem like a good idea from the comfort of your living room, but when you're up there disaster may strike, just like it did for this couple.
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April 9th, 2014
Make sure your lunch is digested because after watching this you will never want to arm wrestle again EVER!! You're going to be able to guess whats going to happen, but we wont say anyway.
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July 8th, 2013
Another round of amazing tricks to make $$$ from your buddies - But be warned, I did one of these and bet my friend 50$ he couldn't do it. He did it in 10 seconds and said, "Yeah, I've seen the video." :(
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June 22nd, 2010
Now this is my kind of news feature! Get the girl with the biggest boobs to read out the news and everyone will watch it trust me, i won't remember a word of what was said, but at least it will be entertaining!
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April 26th, 2012
This dad's reaction to the metal music his son is listening to is pretty hilarious, and also completely understandable. Now, what audio could we re-edit this with to make another hilarious reaction video?
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February 5th, 2013
Although this video has the words “Gangnam”, “Style”, and “PSY” in its title, you’ll be glad to know it doesn’t feature any of the horse dancing or even the song as you’ve grown to know and hate it.
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December 20th, 2011
Ever wanted to be able to sign the phrase Twat Waffle? As the woman says, this should totally be used in everyday sentences. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s how to say “Twat Waffle” in sign language. It's good to learn something new every day.
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January 20th, 2012
Wow this will really blow you away. First of all look how fair that tool is going in there and the look at the size of the thing it brings out. F********ck!!!!!
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