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Boiling Water Freezes Instantly
January 20th, 2011 
In Northwest Territories, Canada it's so friggin' cold that boiling water instantly freezes into a snowy fog when tossed into the air. Just don't get any ideas about relieving yourself outside here, it could be MEGA painful!
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August 7th, 2011
Reggie Yates. the man, the legend....the test pilot? It's time for the Radio 1 DJ to take to the air and see if he is a man, mouse, or in desperate need of a sick bag. Will it blow his mind, or will he end up blowing chunks?
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June 17th, 2011
Attaching a baseball to a rocket propelled grenade certainly does bring a whole new meaning to the term speed ball! The batter doesn't seem to keen on the idea after this test shot though. Wait till he sees it's fast ball - LOL!
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May 9th, 2008
Sometimes a music video comes along that grabs your attention - There's something about this that makes it more disturbing than deliberately shocking clips like The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" - Prepare to have your senses abused in the best way !
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October 18th, 2009
Someone i used to like said 'They do not make them as they once did !' and i never knew what he meant, but now i know - This is a classic David Byrne track with a cute little remix and one of the best chick flicks you will ever see - CLASS !
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November 12th, 2012
Everyone knows that girls are so pathetic at football, so in this circumstance there is no way she could have done this on purpose. Or, maybe they are secretly brilliant and this is an awesome subliminal foul move.
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August 30th, 2013
THIS is why you pay attention at road safety classes in school - To be honest you've got to be pretty cold blooded to find this funny. But luckily that's the audience we're going for here at Pugorama. Kids really are very stupid.
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August 10th, 2010
Sometimes you eat the car & sometimes the car eats YOU! Looks like this car has been playing too much Pac-Man for its own good. It kinda needs to remember not to eat the man that feeds it. Still, who can resist a quick tasty snack - WTF!?!
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January 15th, 2008
Are your parents ordinary people just like everyone else? I bet you think they are! But it's probably best you let them know if you are ever coming home unexpectedly just so you don't get your 'ordinary-parental' bubble fantasy burst - WTF?
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March 4th, 2011
Ghost Riding is an art perfected in America by Bay Area rappers, a skilled art that this European racer hasn't quite been able to master yet. Keep trying buddy! An oldie but a goodie.
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January 19th, 2012
It's the beautiful game, but for this player it might turn ugly when he next sees his manager. It's not very often you see sportsmanship like this. A semi open goal with the goalie injured and the striker kicks it out.
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