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Boiling Water Freezes Instantly
January 20th, 2011 
In Northwest Territories, Canada it's so friggin' cold that boiling water instantly freezes into a snowy fog when tossed into the air. Just don't get any ideas about relieving yourself outside here, it could be MEGA painful!
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May 13th, 2013
Sometimes your job gets you down and you need to take a break - This guy obviously couldn't be bothered to do any more work so he deployed his parachute on the DL and got a free one way ticket out of there.
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December 1st, 2008
It might sound like a dream come true, but what would you do if a cute co-ed came running into your dorm room and up to your bed and grabbed your weiner??? Sounds like the ultimate fantasy, but it could also be a nightmare - WTF?
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June 28th, 2010
You can just tell she saw the funny side of this prank as she lays on the floor dying of concussion! - I bet she looked back at this and laughed (after she had killed her husband and her little son) - OMFG!!!
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September 25th, 2013
He might not actually be very good at this sport, but when you can work a crowd like this and give the a grande finale, who the hell cares. He definitely won something this day, even if his whole body hurt like hell afterwards.
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June 16th, 2009
This is exactly what you want to see when you are walking down the street of France. Beautiful girls strutting naked down the street with a boombox on their shoulder. WOWZERS!
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December 1st, 2010
Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, especially a dancing douchebag! Seriously annoying dude starts dancing on top of his car before a race, till he slips on the roof and lands on his head. Good work gay boy!
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March 22nd, 2011
It's the soccer game that only dreams are made of - 2 a-side with smoking hot chicks on, rolling around in the mud with not many clothes on. They are SO right when they call the beautiful game! Fantastic!
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June 15th, 2012
The most epic trailer you will ever see featuring internet legend, Chuck Norris in a film about Chuck Norris, starring Chuck Norris. Also check out Chuck Norris in The Expendables 2 set for release August 17, 2012.
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June 4th, 2009
These clever guys have to choose between the mega healing power of the man with claws or the claws them selves. Lets just say they might have made the wrong decision.
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April 7th, 2009
If your giving bowling advice to a hottie who is wearing a sexy short skirt you know you going to be having a look when she wiggles her butt in front of you. I know I would.
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