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Boiling Water Freezes Instantly
January 20th, 2011 
In Northwest Territories, Canada it's so friggin' cold that boiling water instantly freezes into a snowy fog when tossed into the air. Just don't get any ideas about relieving yourself outside here, it could be MEGA painful!
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October 13th, 2011
She may look like a preserved corpse but she can certainly move her body. The only way to stay young is to feel young, and she's certainly fighting off the demons of age by shaking her hips and showing that there's still some life left in her yet.
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February 1st, 2008
I just love the way you can see the whole world and even your own house on the internet - But what if you suddenly realised it went a lot further and actually enetred your home - Prepare to be afraid :(
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November 8th, 2013
Got bumped trying to buy some crack rocks? Better find the nearest cop and explain your plight. The honesty and stupidity of some people is truly overwhelming. Welcome to America. Land of the confused policeman.
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August 8th, 2014
I really fear for the survival of the human race after watching stuff like this - Not sure what this guy was thinking, but we do know that alcohol made it a really, really stupid thought. FAIL!
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June 9th, 2010
Be sure to tune in next week when a jobless bum challenges him for the title! Even though wrestling is the fakest thing is the world this punch is definitely real as this fan has just painfully found out - OUCH!
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June 15th, 2012
The most epic trailer you will ever see featuring internet legend, Chuck Norris in a film about Chuck Norris, starring Chuck Norris. Also check out Chuck Norris in The Expendables 2 set for release August 17, 2012.
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August 30th, 2011
Either this guy is the greatest batter of all time or these things are staged. The comments on the last one were so funny, so please tell us how this one was faked, we'll love to hear your explanations. Anyway, we think it's real.
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December 10th, 2012
The final nail in the coffin for this song is delivered by school-kids. Look what Gangnam Style has done to the children!. . . The internet and pop music have a lot to answer for don't they.
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April 2nd, 2008
I totally hate all of those songs about how the dude is gonna make love to a beautiful chick all night long and he is on a par with a sexual God who can do no wrong and it's always perfect! THIS on the other hand is right down my alley :)
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August 25th, 2010
Strap a camera onto a bike that is gonna get some serious air and life becomes very interesting - Not only is it interesting to see it from this angle but this must have been the run of his life he nails absolutely all of his hardest tricks.
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