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Cat Catches Bully Bird
April 5th, 2011 
This cat pulls off an amazing leap to catch a bullying bird in its mouth, in mid-air. All day that cat had been thinking, "If that bird hits me just ten more times, I'm gonna sooo show him."
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February 13th, 2015
What could be more erotic that Steve Buscemi? Not a great deal and the person who made this trailer mashup of 50 Shades of Grey mixed with clips of Buscemi knows that only too well.
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August 30th, 2011
The internet loves this guy, but outside of its cyberwalls no one’s heard of him. He’s one of those rapper type chaps who walks around with his synthesizer like a travelling nomad, playing his music wherever he lays his hat.
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January 28th, 2010
Imagine if this was your daughter and you knew she wore thongs that were this small. Well good thing is she isnt so we can enjoy it ourselves, buzzing.
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July 16th, 2008
In their new video for "House of Cards", no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data - AWESOME
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June 3rd, 2009
Wow this chick is pretty much all i would like in a girl, if only she was a little hotter i would be round there quicker that you could say "i'm allergic to condoms"!!
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November 10th, 2008
Some kids get to do everything and that includes driving the family car - WTF? - I'm not sure if it's the best example of parentaging when taking into consderation that he's only 2 years old - OMG!
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April 18th, 2011
How is it that some girls can charm the pants off you with their looks, while others can seduce you with their subtle conversation? However, there is NO doubting at all what kind of charms cute Cameron is using to gain your interest!
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July 25th, 2012
Sometimes it's best to read the instruction manual before jumping right in. These guys just learned that some horses get a bit skittish when you try to jump on them from behind.
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July 16th, 2014
A version of Britney Spears singing her track “Alien” has leaked online—and let’s just say it’s pretty embarrassing. Without the aid of some audio enhancement her singing is less Grammy award-winning pop queen, more strangled cat.
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November 4th, 2009
So are they saying the hotter we make it the more clothes they are going the shed? Well looks like the final nail in the coffin for this planet then, lol!
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