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Cat Planking?
June 6th, 2011 
Has the new internet craze spread to the feline world, could it be that this is the next step in cat world domination? Or is it just the case that it's getting so warm that these cats are just stretching out on anything cold?
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March 31st, 2011
Choices, choices rebecca, which seat are you gonna take? Ride in the front with Ice Tea, or hang out in the back with his homies & a bag full of uzis' while you cruise to s drive-by...Or take the bus?
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June 11th, 2009
I've always had a soft (and hard) spot for Mischa, I don't think she's too skinny and she always gets caught smoking a doobie, so you know she'd be a good laugh
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March 9th, 2010
It's a perverse thing that in alot of cities she would be arrested for flashing those puppies. Just another reason to hate those dirty old men who have been pointing their winkies at children for years.
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August 2nd, 2011
The canon of European art is lauded, and rightly so. It's got some fine fleshy paintings that can stir a man's heart. But you can't help thinking it could somehow be improved. And it can, by adding cats.
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April 14th, 2011
At LAST!!! It looks as if Borders finally agrees with what the general public knew all along, plus they have been kind enough to offer a discount so we all rush to their stores and by ourselves a copy of her finest work!
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December 30th, 2013
Despite her inhuman lack of modesty this strange coloured girl has at least one person trying to get close to her, even if it's not for the reasons she was aiming for. I hope she likes confectioneries...
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March 11th, 2011
You know all those total loser dweeboids who update their Facebook status on a Friday night and stuff. What wastes of space, right? Well, you know how someone would know that right? Loser.
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December 10th, 2008
April is an actress & model born in Missouri in 1979 in a place called Poplar Bluff!? What kind of a name is that? Anyway, she's appeared in CSI: Miami & Deal or No Deal - Haven't seen much of her before but definitely want to see more.
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December 16th, 2013
Fashion is a very odd thing, with designers creating looks that no one would be seen in. But every so often they create a trend that i can get right behind.
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October 16th, 2010
Believe it or not there is a bridge somewhere in this picture - I've been looking at it for hours and i still can't find it - WTF ?!
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