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Caught On Camera: Couple In Minivan
July 22nd, 2011 
Don't come-a-knocking if the minivan's a-rockin', it's probably gonna be this couple. I think everyone behind them is wondering the same thing: at what exit are they (she) getting 'off'?
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November 11th, 2013
It's a bit of a no-brainer, but if you had to ask a child who was best then don't expect the answer you were hoping for - Thor's brother, Loki, enlists some experts to find the answer and the results are not pretty.
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March 27th, 2013
American television and radio host Larry King talks about the time when a woman phoned his radio show & wanted him there and then. So after pondering the dilemma he stuck on Harry Belafonte LP to appease the audience and hot-footed over.
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January 29th, 2013
If you’re wondering why there are so many douche-muppets in the world, then look no further than this video for an explanation. Every time someone has an idea, their head explodes in a showering of wet flesh and brains.
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November 24th, 2008
I am a total sucker for a cute chick sucking a lollipop, but with Cameron it doesn't stop there! this webcam wonderfulness has one of the most amazing assets any mortal man will ever get to see - WOW!!!
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April 22nd, 2013
With rumours abound about a possible Star Wars 7 film Hans Solo hits the spotlight again, but things are a bit rotten in the state of Dagobah – Harrison Ford has got some serious issues he needs to work out with Chewbacca.
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June 1st, 2011
Remember that horror flick 'The Ring', the one where you watched a video and died. Well, it's REAL. Peter Griffin throws caution to the wind and sits down to find out what all the fuss is about with Rebecca Black.
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December 2nd, 2010
Check out this bad boy going off, this explosion is almost as epic as what was coming out of my dog that time he ate that huge bowl of suicide spice chili.. almost
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June 19th, 2013
I never thought a cat could get into this situation, but to be honest, i really like cats, but i'm not sure if i'd like to get involved in saving one from a boa constrictor. What if the snake decided to go for me instead. No thanks.
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November 11th, 2009
Our man Walken gives his version of Lady Ga Ga's pokerface. To be honest i thought this was going to totally suck but this is actually real funny so enjoy.
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July 29th, 2011
To be honest I am actually pretty impressed by her bravado in trying to execute this. Going for a front flip on a trampoline that is so small is pretty gutsy, so well done darling, but i bet that's gonna hurt in the morning?
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