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Checking In Like A BOSS!
June 7th, 2011 
10 secs later: Jumped on by 20 TSA agents and treated to a complimentary cavity search. So if you plan on doing this, wear your best leather jock strap and remember not to eat too much Mexican food the night before.
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June 16th, 2011
What would you demand to have in your dressing room? You think you'd have a good answer to that, and you might well have, but it's never going to beat Joe's answer. The man know where's it's at, if he's not one already by now, he'll be a superstar soon.
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August 9th, 2011
We all know sharks are badass, with their dead eyes and ferocious jaws and all those teeth. But their reputation as man-eating killers is vastly overrated. Sure they may kill the odd person, but that's nothing compared to death by fast food.
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February 4th, 2011
Aww man, not another battle, how about we make love and not was and combining the two films, there's no way that can be bad, is there? Aww man, not another battle, how about we make love and.....WAIT!?!
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March 21st, 2014
They see him rollin'. They Hatin'. Then they beat him up and nail him to his customised skateboard. Sounds harsh, but he just turns the other cheek so it's okay.
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July 30th, 2010
Well kids, let this be a lesson to you. If you're going to smoke pot and watch porn, rather than getting grounded or have your stash taken, all that'll happen is you'll have to wear a dumb sign round your neck. So toke, and fap, on.
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May 19th, 2011
Fancy a cool car, a seriously impressive RV and a styling boat, but don't have the space or the $$$? Then it's time for you to get THIS! 50% van, 50% limo, 50% boat. 150% awesome.
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April 30th, 2014
So, you need to come up with a great idea to advertise your business, something that will get the customers running through the door. Maybe it's time to get back to basics and concentrate on just what it is about your product that customers want.
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September 23rd, 2011
Discovering about the birds and the bees for the first time can be slightly daunting, that is, when you are about eight or nine years old. Why this twenty-something woman is weirding out is slightly worrying. Forever alone?
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July 1st, 2011
Well this is pleasant, a nice happy group shot but... ewwww. It might take you a while to spot exactly what the photobomb is in this photo, but when you do, you'll be sick. There's a hint for you in that sentence. Good luck.
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November 27th, 2008
Everyone loves a pillow fight, but dudes love to pillow fight girls with nice pillows - In fact who wants to fight, make love not war, I'm happy just to sit back & watch
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