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Cookie Moster Rap
June 12th, 2009 
He has 99 problems but a cookie aint 1. I knew Jay Z wouldnt have been able to come up with such a good song on his own the big fat faced gypo, he stole it SCUM!!!
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June 12th, 2012
These girls are having such a good time at this party they feel the need to dance on the speakers. And it doesn't end too well for one of them. But she is cool enough to style it off.
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September 13th, 2011
REAL smooth moves boys! It's a simple one but hey they are only kids so you have to give them some credit. First of all he manages to whip the table cloth from under the tea set, then the real magic begins!
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April 21st, 2008
Having a serious debate about racism is a always a tricky subject to tackle - In hindsight it would have probably beet wiser to attempt this without the inept skillz of Shaun Micallef - Absolute GENIUS !!!
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August 19th, 2013
If you're a budding producer trying to find a new inventive way of making your dream tracks then you should definitely take a look at this for ideas. It is sure to inspire you.
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July 21st, 2009
It is guaranteed to turn up just when you dont want it to, but lets just hope you computer gets stuck on a hot chick like it does here and then you probably wont care either way.
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April 9th, 2009
Something tells me this news reporter has stuffed a bear or two before this. Its just a hunch but he seems to be pretty good at it for a first timer. The sick jerk.
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June 6th, 2011
Move over Rover, Porky is taking over! Behold the epic level of cuteness that is Kingsford The Piglet, he's such an adorable little guy it makes me wonder how hard it must be when the time comes time to have him for Christmas Dinner..
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March 4th, 2011
Just because a lady likes her cat, doesn’t mean she’s crazy cat lady. But cats can be jealous creatures, fuelled by envy that someone is taking the attention away from them and their cute little existence.
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October 3rd, 2011
Mom and Dad grounded this dude from the internet for two weeks. Pretty severe, but the reason he flips out is that he can't tell his guild, or get his epic new crossbow. FAIL!
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April 14th, 2011
Revenge is a dish best served transparent! This dude just found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and he goes on a crazy rampage with a tractor outside her company's parking lot. The invisible man....
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