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Crazy Bank Robbery Escape
December 24th, 2007 
This has to be the luckiest ever escape by anyone ever! I love the way the getaway car 'slowly' drives away - I bet the smell inside the car must have been pretty rank as these guys must have crapped themselves - LOL
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You can tell by the sound from the walkie that it's a movie set. Wonder which one it is for?
October 14th, 2011
Dude Perfect teams up with Brodie Smith to answer a question that has been raging throughout the sports community for years: What would happen if a bunch of guys did trick shots with basketballs and frisbees?
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April 9th, 2014
We all know that a pregnancy in the family is a great bit of news to receive, but this lady literally loses her mind over it. And i mean "totally" - We just feel bad for the dog she's holding.
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November 29th, 2012
Sometimes you have to do things that make no sense at all to others - You have to hand it to them. They put in a ton of effort, time, and a little bit of cash to simply jump in a pile of leaves. But to jump in one from the roof? That's priceless.
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July 18th, 2008
These kids probably got bored of playing driving games on their Playstation and decided to have some real-life GTA action on a busy freeway - How they didn't kill anyone is a miracle - WTF?
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November 14th, 2011
They might be dressed like gentlemen and have spent lots of money on the food but they certainly don't eat like gents. But to be honest I don't think I'd be able to hold back if you put that plate in front of me. OM NOM.
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December 19th, 2014
This dad knew a long time ago that his son was smoking weed, he knew the minute his son grew his hair like that—it’s a dead giveaway. But regardless, dad could’ve been a total a-hole, he deals with it much more humorously instead.
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May 25th, 2012
We're not sure what is put in those drinks, but for some reason, after the kids drink it, they go totally insane. McDonald's, what are you up to now? Prepare to be freaked out!
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December 4th, 2012
As if BF wasn't bad enough you have to deal with this - The idea is very simple, dress up like an employee at Target and then troll the hell out of all the customers. Keep up the good work guys this is genius.
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April 7th, 2014
A clever rap commentary on entering the brave world of extra-early mornings, advanced diaper-changing technique, and the ins and outs of playground etiquette. It's a dad-life homie.
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September 6th, 2013
SOme people are just plain crazy - This lady has watched Falling Down too many times but forgot to bring her gun with her today. Clearly she just loves chicken McNuggets and no one should get in her way.
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