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Crazy Bank Robbery Escape
December 24th, 2007 
This has to be the luckiest ever escape by anyone ever! I love the way the getaway car 'slowly' drives away - I bet the smell inside the car must have been pretty rank as these guys must have crapped themselves - LOL
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You can tell by the sound from the walkie that it's a movie set. Wonder which one it is for?
June 21st, 2013
I love it when a news team doesn't do their research properly and interview their nemesis. These guys really weren't prepared from him were they. He totally tears them apart. Where do they find these anchor idiots? The Job Centre?
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July 24th, 2012
You know that scene in “The Deer Hunter"? Yeah that one. Well this is even more agonizing. Replacing bullets with the much more painful thumbtacks, it’s so intense you could cut the atmos with a sharp pin, which they kind of do.
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February 7th, 2012
The cinnamon challenge is too easy. The reactions from eating cinnamon are over almost before they begin. What we need is some serious, difficult-to-watch anguish. This dude eats himself a naga chilli and obliges.
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November 18th, 2013
What happens if you mainline ayahuasca for breakfast after tripping on DMT for the last two nights. So when someone next offers you some, make sure you grab all you can.
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January 31st, 2013
I bet this guy doesn't have trouble at all getting to sleep every night. All it takes is for him to leave a window open a waft of air to go near his chin - and he's asleep before he knows it. What a pussy!
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January 12th, 2010
Famous for being good to look at and precious little else, Kim has resorted to putting things in her mouth for money.
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May 15th, 2013
So if you were thinking it was gonna be another day of you surfing the web and filling your mind with useful info, think again! Today is the day to learn (unlearn?) yourself some wordz!
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September 23rd, 2013
Drinking and driving is bad, but it’s so much lamer on a scooter. And then even lamer when you’re riding on the back. You kinda feel sorry for them when the inevitable happens. OUCH!
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March 6th, 2008
Jesus! It's hard enough to do it with your hands, but to attempt it with your nose is bordering on insanity - Unless, that is, you have a 'little' secret - WTF?
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August 16th, 2012
We all need a sofa to sleep on at some point, somewhere for the night – But just remember there’s a chance that homicidal clown will stalk you, especially if you turn off the TV. Be afraid.
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