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Cute Girl Vs. Skinny Jeans
December 2nd, 2011 
One cute girl. One pair of skinny jeans. An eternal struggle that neither is prepared to lose. Prepare to witness what must happen in so many bedrooms every day across the planet.
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August 13th, 2008
Thought about having a baby?! Here's a chance to see what yours would look like! Upload a picture of yourself and your perfect match, observe the results, then enter your creation into the beauty pageant !
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February 1st, 2012
He does that seriously scary quote from his film “Taken” that, a fan of his asks him to record it as a voicemail greeting and being a decent chap, he obliges. Which just goes to show, not all celebs are assholes.
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May 22nd, 2013
Grizzly bears these days just don't have any respect for other peoples belongings. Just look at this youth, he finds this HD GoPro camera and eats it. Or maybe that's his interpretation of a duckface?
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March 10th, 2010
I know what you guys are thinking, chicks can't play video games! But don't be fooled guys she doesn't just play on it, she does it in just her sexiest lingerie. And what could be better than that?
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September 8th, 2014
His owners told him he could be anything he wanted. He chose to be cool. A very cool cat. His owners will have to do anything he wants from now on, that's just the way it is.
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May 14th, 2010
These guys must be completely and utterly insane - My 10lb timid little fluffy Persian cat would rip the hell out of my arms when I pissed her off - I'd hate to see this kitty develop a bad case of PMS - WTF !?!
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April 12th, 2013
Annoying your ex-girlfriend on social media is pretty much the main reason that Facebook exists. But to achieve maximum effect you have to go about it the right way, it takes finesse to make it look as if you are not getting back at her.
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October 20th, 2011
This is Smokey Nagata.. Owner and proprietor of Top Secret Tuning factory in Chiba, Japan. This is his V12 Twin Turbo 950Horsepower Supra. Now you know why he's called Smokey - OMFG!!!
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July 31st, 2013
If you’re familiar with Family Guy then you’ll be familiar with the epic chicken fight that has occurred in numerous episodes, where Peter fights a giant chicken after the chicken gives him a bad coupon. But now with battling babes,
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June 26th, 2013
Everyone knows that playing video games properly is no fun at all, it much better to push them to their limits and mess around…and see what happens? Especially if elements of the game are b0rked. You had me at ‘Spok’!
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