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Dance HARD!
May 12th, 2011 
Witness the Stereoheads Dutch audition for So You Think You Can Dance. For my money it's by far the best thing that has ever appeared on that show. It's original, unique and a quite simply a seriously impressive feat of human achievement!
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September 9th, 2010
You got a situation blowing up with some Iranian gangsters, and if you want half your squad shot to pieces by them, then this is the cop you need. He’s like the antithesis of an 80s cop badass. TOTAL COPS fail!
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May 5th, 2011
Trust in your partner is a beautiful thing, but will she ever trust him again? Or will she be permanently mentally scared, afraid that a friendly hand will turn against her & cause her harm. Ah well, it was pretty funny so that makes it alright.
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July 22nd, 2014
Here is a stunt that's guaranteed to ruin your weekend. But if you're watching it then you'll probably find it hilarious. Remember kids, playing with fireworks is fun, until it ends with a blast to your family jewels
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May 29th, 2009
Look at the size of those things she is not going to know what to do with them once she gets him home. Lynx is effective in all countries its great, world standard.
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July 10th, 2009
You might be taking all his stuff and you might be pretty damn hot but to be honest darling he does seem to give much of a crap, so you might as well do one.
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April 16th, 2009
Is there possibly a better way to learn cooking methods than getting taught by a porn star like hot Aria here. This could be a who new angle on TV! Awesome.
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May 9th, 2011
You desperately want to get into the coolest fraternity at college but to carry out the pledge you have to find a chick, bring her back to your room and film yourself having sex with her - It all sounds so simple so what could possibly go wrong - OMG!
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May 8th, 2008
I can think of dumber things to do if i want to make sure i will never father children - But to actually contemplate doing a railslide without a skateboard and thinking that your nuts will break the fall is kinda insane - OUCH!!!
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March 29th, 2011
I am now fully prepared to state that India's traffic is the worst in the world. The Wall of Death has actually been around forever, but in the past only motorcycles rode the wall.
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April 16th, 2010
You know I'm going to say it .. I have to, it's the rule.. It's Dead Sexy!! This is without doubt one of the funniest characters to come along ever. "Everyone likes their own brand don't they ".. LMAO
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