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Dance HARD!
May 12th, 2011 
Witness the Stereoheads Dutch audition for So You Think You Can Dance. For my money it's by far the best thing that has ever appeared on that show. It's original, unique and a quite simply a seriously impressive feat of human achievement!
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December 17th, 2007
Imagine getting spat on and electrocuted for bending over backards - OUCH!!!
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July 18th, 2012
Friday the 13th is considered by many to be one of the most unlucky days of the year, but obviously not for these people. Do you think these guys had luck on their side or was it skill?
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May 11th, 2011
if you thought that Mr Miyagi was pretty good at training karate then think again. Just take a look at this awesome drunken master, now he knows how to teach the old way. Fear him.
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December 10th, 2009
It's hard to tell which mistress this might be (my guess is Rachel Uchitel), but this leaked tape won't help the Tiger Woods saga end any time soon.
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December 13th, 2011
Orchestras are known for grand music and energetic conductors—add to that some guitars, a drum kit, the latest tech, plus the influences of electronica, dance music, folk, rock, dubstep, and hip-hop and you have Chris Wheeler's Heritage Orchestra.
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March 16th, 2011
So Mr Fry goes off to Harvard University and is awarded the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Humanist Chaplaincy. But it being Stephen “Stud Muffin” Fry, a young woman can’t help but throw herself at him figuratively in song.
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December 4th, 2012
It's not anything about Optimus Prime, but something far more dangerous - How many kids have to die for you to get the picture?! Two? Well, OK. I remember this a little differently, it was a porno mag i was trying to get not a ball.
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February 28th, 2011
Everyones Fav Cam girl Gizele checks in today with this little gem of a video where she shows us just how well her new jeans fit.. sometimes it's the simple things no?
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December 18th, 2010
If i was a father of 3 and in the car with my offspring and wife, i don't really think getting my son of under 10 years old to drive the car would be a good idea. Just me though!
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June 6th, 2012
A skater being towed by a biker suddenly realizes that he'd probably be better off rolling on his face rather than his skateboard. Both plans lacked merit.
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