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Dead Men - Kane & Lynch
November 14th, 2007 
A mercenary and a mad psychopath team up for a mission of chaotic violence and revenge !
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We could've done with that insghit early on.
its not a bad game
September 1st, 2010
Ballet babes vs Street dancing sweeties in a classic dance-off! – Except these ballerinas have the grace of a trampled swan, and the street dancers don’t fair much better - Basically the way most of us dance. AWESOME!
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February 15th, 2012
These two furry critters have been friends since they were little pups & cubs, so now they get on like a house on fire. But you can be sure, one day when they are grown up, that bear will fancy a tasty snack and eat the poor wolf.
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August 18th, 2011
This is one of those David and Goliath stories where David learns to pick his battles a little more carefully in the future. Sings & stones would be useless against this golliath.
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April 13th, 2011
Do these guys never just pick things up without feeling the inclination to throw it as soon as it's in their hands? It doesn't seem so according to this video. But if you've got the skills then why not? It's everyday AWESOME!
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January 17th, 2010
Looks like Hollywood has a problem! They are all out of original ideas so they're going to resort to sodomising your childhood again to make a quick buck by calling in the A-Team.
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September 25th, 2010
I’m pretty sure ‘I be a lump on you’ has never, ever been a lyric in a song in the history of all time. Unless someone had released an album about cancer. And that’s doubtful. Or maybe the NHS would consider funding it.
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August 15th, 2011
In Spain its custom to blame your wife when your daughter plays footsie at the table - but when it turns out to be the naughty mom then someone has some explaining to do.....And FAST - WTF?
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September 24th, 2008
Some film from ages ago lifts the lid on a guy who got more than he bargained for when he took up eating noodles as a hobby. Totally bizarre. Think I knew him at school…
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June 2nd, 2011
It's never a good idea to try and rally any form of patriotism in the morning commute. This guy tries to get everyone to chant U-S-A on the subway but he should have known better. Nobody cares, and he looks like a total fool.
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October 20th, 2011
This is Smokey Nagata.. Owner and proprietor of Top Secret Tuning factory in Chiba, Japan. This is his V12 Twin Turbo 950Horsepower Supra. Now you know why he's called Smokey - OMFG!!!
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