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Dead Men - Kane & Lynch
November 14th, 2007 
A mercenary and a mad psychopath team up for a mission of chaotic violence and revenge !
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We could've done with that insghit early on.
its not a bad game
September 15th, 2014
Talk about being taken for a ride - This dude remains ridiculously calm after nearly having his head ripped off by the biker behind him. Good thing they weren't going any faster.
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January 29th, 2013
If you’re wondering why there are so many douche-muppets in the world, then look no further than this video for an explanation. Every time someone has an idea, their head explodes in a showering of wet flesh and brains.
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July 26th, 2011
A woman opens her car door, sending one scooter crashing into another. Right now, the guy from the scooter on the left is thanking God that his side air bag deployed in time to keep him from eating asphalt.
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March 14th, 2013
The future isn't tomorrow or the next day, it is now, so get with the program. Get ready to have one of these in your living room. Maybe Princess Leia will be leaving you a message some day.
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May 6th, 2011
Tapping out 'H-E-L-P' doesn't really work when it's a big truck that has you in a submission hold. Well not in Russia anyway, the red army never stops, especially not for a silly submission plea.
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August 29th, 2014
Wow. This guy really needs to get a grip, because if he continues to act like he does in this video, he’s going to get destroyed by the adult world. After learning that his video games have gone. Forever!
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October 30th, 2008
Scientists have vanished, bloggers are under seige and one man has an urgent message to deliver ! None of them are safe - and neither are you ! Kirill - don't miss the brand new online drama from MSN - catch it here!
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April 29th, 2011
Can a bunch of scruffy film students make a better trailer than the big shots of Hollywood? Or will they wish they hadn't missed half their classes down the bar drinking cheap beer and discussing what you call a Whopper in Paris?
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March 29th, 2011
I'm sure some people panic if a pin drops, let alone all-out epic acts of nature happening. This wiener in PA freaks out when he sees a tornado is the sky, but still manages to just about hold down filming with a video camera. Chill wiener boy. Chill.
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April 9th, 2008
If you are a chick and entering a Spring Break Bikini contest you are gonna need every weapon in your arsenal to get an edge - This just might be the secret weapon that will destroy the competition - WOW!!!
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