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Dead Men - Kane & Lynch
November 14th, 2007 
A mercenary and a mad psychopath team up for a mission of chaotic violence and revenge !
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We could've done with that insghit early on.
its not a bad game
January 24th, 2013
What is it about chicks getting owned that feels so satisfying to watch, whatever it is i LOVE it - She is just trying to make herself a refreshing drink and she gets blind sided to the face by a massive ball. Hahahaha brilliant!
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October 21st, 2011
Internet annoyance Francis demonstrates his Loser potential by showing off his fat guy grunts and wheezes as he struggles to convince me he has ability in anything useful. Diablo 3 developers must be relieved he's moved on.
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November 18th, 2008
Whoever first made lingerie was a total genius and I'm sure that if they'd seen Nyli looking this hot in something they'd have made then they would have been very happy about it.
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April 9th, 2014
Make sure your lunch is digested because after watching this you will never want to arm wrestle again EVER!! You're going to be able to guess whats going to happen, but we wont say anyway.
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March 7th, 2011
Weddings can be pretty stressful & you don't wanna f#ck it all up! Your already late for your big day so you had better get there quick smart, but just make sure you go to the right church or you could look a little stupid.
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June 23rd, 2010
Finally, someone's telling us to be shorter rather than longer. I can do that! It's news that some men have been 'longing' to hear - It's a conclusive survey so you have to believe them this time.
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August 7th, 2009
I knew that G.I. Joe were an elite military unit who combat a nefarious group of dangerous criminals known as Cobra & high-tech operatives using the very best in advanced military equipment, but I didn't know they could skate.
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June 21st, 2010
The best way to deal with a chick like this is to man up and tell her to shut the hell up, if that doesn't work then seriously review whether it's worth employing the services of a hitman to silence her - For life! NO man has to endure this - LMAO!
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May 30th, 2012
Say what you like about Graham Norton, but he certainly gets the celebrities to unwind and act like they’re not worth a ker-zillion bucks for two seconds. And people would pay good money to hear Will Smith do the Bel-Air rap.
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November 28th, 2012
No one dances quite like a ninja, it's a rare sight to behold - Sometimes he busts a move and then fade into the night, like a semi-coordinated shadow. But he'll be back again don't you worry about that.
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