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Disco Sister
June 7th, 2008 
This nun's sure got some nice legs and she knows how to use them! Definitely the contemporary Sister Act - can you imagine the whole choir on the dancefloor - stand aside Whoopi!!
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W-T-F ???
August 5th, 2014
I don't know too much about guns but I'm pretty sure that this kind of thing wasn't meant to happen. EVER. Either he didn't put it together properly or the rate of gun crime is set to plummet in the United States. WTF!?!
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May 24th, 2008
Neat trick, learnt from some ninja heritage no doubt, but he's got a while yet before he becomes the next Blaine or Copperfield!
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November 8th, 2011
This is how REAL men deal with spiders, with a rubber band! You've got one shot to hit a huge spider before you embarrass yourself from shrieking and running away. Lets be honest here, i'd pick this option every time!
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March 4th, 2013
This is exactly the reason why it's not a good idea to put power lines next to roads, let alone big roads with car carriers going down them - The result is electrifying (see what i did there!?)
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November 12th, 2008
I'm pretty damn glad this bozo trout didnt actually get in office. Can you imagine if she had become the president a couple of years down the line when old man McCain popped his clogs.
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January 14th, 2013
In this short 17 minute doc astronauts discuss the Overview Effect, which is the effect seeing earth from space has upon their attitude to humans and the planet once they’ve witnessed such a majestic sight.
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September 15th, 2011
This is not the typical post you'll see on Puggie but its a great little love story, maybe you can score some points for sending it off to your girlfriend. Who knows what you might get in return for your romantic gesture?
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September 6th, 2010
There's always that time, you've taken a great photo. The light's right, the angle, the expression of the subject. But it's missing something. That drunken guy in the background ruining your shot. Well now comes a handy tool to shoop him in!
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November 23rd, 2011
Talk about free rent. It might look like Futurama's Hypnotoad, but in reality this poor little creature actually has a gross parasitic worm living in his eyeball. What has been seen can never be unseen. UGGH!
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August 5th, 2014
Not sure if this is a FAIL! or a WIN! He might not exactly catch it but he does stop it from hitting the wall behind him. This kind of reminds us of that Simpsons episode with Bombardment in it.
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