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Disco Sister
June 7th, 2008 
This nun's sure got some nice legs and she knows how to use them! Definitely the contemporary Sister Act - can you imagine the whole choir on the dancefloor - stand aside Whoopi!!
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W-T-F ???
May 27th, 2011
Take one cute chick (preferably your girlfriend), sneak up on her and place trash can over her head, beat her to the ground with a big stick and then abuse her with some god-awful looking gunk - Remember to laugh like a maniac while doing this - OMG !
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August 30th, 2011
This might start off a little tame, but before you know it it's like standing at the end of a packed out driving range. Seriously, these hail stones are like thousands of golf balls crashing to the ground. Crazy damn weather.
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December 7th, 2010
This hawt babe has ticked all the boxes necessary to make it to become my wife. Super hot, under stands the importance of beer and had extreme skills with her mouth. Perfect!!
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January 27th, 2014
Watching people getting hit with things in the nuts is always going to be funny, it just never gets old. Just ask Homer Simpson, he knows and he pretty much speaks for an entire nation.
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February 1st, 2011
An impressive display from this agile young woman, not as impressive if she'd have done it with a bowling ball, but it's still pretty cool. I'll give her a 10/10 for effort, with a little note saying could do better i.e. use bowling ball.
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October 22nd, 2012
Talk about taking the internet's most recent fave song to it's limit - These fools got so wrapped up in this terrible dance that they forgot that tables aren't really for dancing on. Excellent news.
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July 27th, 2009
When planning on a jump like this the first thing you want to do is get the front of the bike up. Otherwise like this you could end up in the ultimate dead sailor, at least he takes it well.
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May 13th, 2011
Cute chick faceplants on the catwalk of a pool during a bikini competition. At a guess I'm going to say she didn't win the competition in the 'style & grace' section. Maybe she'll win a prize for most bruises?
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March 27th, 2008
Just imagine, 3 cool things at once must surely induce a sensation overload - But in this case i'm totally unaware what song is playing and where the video is set - i'm hypnotized by the cute chick :)
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October 13th, 2011
She may look like a preserved corpse but she can certainly move her body. The only way to stay young is to feel young, and she's certainly fighting off the demons of age by shaking her hips and showing that there's still some life left in her yet.
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