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Drive (a kart)
February 17th, 2012 
If they don't include a scorpion jacket for Mario as DLC for the next Mario Kart game I will be extremely disappointed. I'd also like a cutscene where he stomps out a Goomba in an elevator as well. Make it so, Miyamoto!
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November 11th, 2013
THE GOGGLES, THEY DO NOTHING! As if the regular old optical illusion in the background wasn't enough, someone's added some MR.Bean eye rape over the top. Thanks, internet!
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October 14th, 2013
Cropping pictures is an artform. Do it right and upload to facebook and you can cause quite a commotion. Also, you could lose a couple of friends in the process.
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April 1st, 2011
You've gotta love Apple as a company, masters of design over function, producing curvy, shiny little things that make grown men salivate. In this case it looks pretty and means people buy more cables, win win
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June 23rd, 2011
Try and not read this in the voice of Sean Connery and you win. Not sure what, but you win because when you read what it says, you're totally going to read it in Shan Connery's vhoicsh.
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February 2nd, 2011
More lessons on how to speak proper! Next week - the difference between loose and lose, as that really bugs the crap outta me! Get it right or it's the ovens for you!
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November 10th, 2009
If I see many more of these cute Asian goddesses I could be persuaded to emigrate to the land of tentacle pr0n, pedobear & school girl panty vending machines.
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February 13th, 2009
Can you even imagine how cheesy it must be down there? Blimey i wouldnt want to go near her for a long time after this, we i wouldnt want to go near her anyway she's minging.
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August 25th, 2009
Kate and Karen team up to help make you feel all better ! Why is it when ever i meet a nurse they are total rotters and not babes like these broads?
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October 15th, 2010
When the old religious debate rears its head, none of those ardent believers ever come up with cold hard stats. It’s always allusions to how Christ can help us, how the answer to all our questions is in the Bible.
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January 28th, 2011
Beating all the horrible fictional monsters from film and literature, the greatest fictional beast of them all. The undead, everliving, pale-bodied feared and revered Jesus H. Christ!
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