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Eliza Dushku's A Dime
March 19th, 2009 
Promoting her new series 'Dollhouse' which doesn't need much promotion because it was created by Joss Whedon who's a god on this Earth & she's a hawtie!!!!
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January 21st, 2009
Part of me thinks 'Great! Sweaty cushions!' But another part is thinking 'Damn, doesn't it look nice & hot there!' cos where i live we didn't really get much of a summer
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April 14th, 2011
At LAST!!! It looks as if Borders finally agrees with what the general public knew all along, plus they have been kind enough to offer a discount so we all rush to their stores and by ourselves a copy of her finest work!
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February 6th, 2012
The easiest way to speak Italian! Simply hold your hand in this position and wave it about a bit and Presto! You'll be speaking fluent nonsense and offending an entire continent's worth or people. Congrats, you racist.
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January 31st, 2014
How totally nerdcore is this, it's like the best mutated genetical experiment of your dreams come true. A Unichick. Yep, part unicorn and a whole lotta woman :)
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April 1st, 2010
I'd hit it then get straight to the clinic. But it maybe dangerous to go alone, probably best to wear a full body condom or squirt bleach down your japs eye, probably best to take no chances and just hit it like a nuke from orbit
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February 2nd, 2011
More lessons on how to speak proper! Next week - the difference between loose and lose, as that really bugs the crap outta me! Get it right or it's the ovens for you!
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November 16th, 2011
It's not enough to just walk around with a boring old plastic bag any more, to really stand out from the crowd you need to be busting a bag that makes heads turn. Or maybe it even features a turning head itself. This are plastic bags 2.0.
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August 26th, 2009
See how bloody easy it is to fail if you involve a woman !!! They should have specific routes with no hotties on them when taking tests.
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February 17th, 2011
Sometimes all your dreams come true and you can't believe your eyes! How the hell could they publish a picture like that on a website like this? But it's best to remember that your eyes see what you want them to see!
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June 29th, 2012
McDonalds burgers bear less than a passing resemblance to their images. This is because those pictures cost a fortune in wages and the burgers cost a pittance. and taste like ass.
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