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Epic Beer Goggles Fail
October 25th, 2011 
Beer is the nectar of the gods, but it comes at a price. Beer goggles make incredibly sane people commit epic acts of self destruction. Man the harppoons... no! wait.. nuke em, thats the only way to make sure.
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August 1st, 2012
Oh god! It's so ... beautiful! As if nicks cage wasn't beeing shooped enough what with his bird hair and the blog where they shoop his face onto cats, this is the icing on the nick cage cake.
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November 7th, 2011
He may be a notorious tough guy who used to work for the KGB and now controls Russia, but his weakness is that he likes nothing more than to wave at animals, providing they wave back of course. If they don't, he can get real angry.
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November 5th, 2007
it's always good to know that a cute chick has something to keep you interested in her bedroom :)
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July 28th, 2011
Dwight from the US version of the office tells it likes it is. And that basically means trouncing on all those dumb cliches that every spouts like mindless sheeple in his cynical b@stard way. Go Dwight.
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July 20th, 2011
If you don't dig on swine, then you may not be partial to this calorific snack that features a bacon lattice and sausage meat. A few of these a week and you can guarantee that you'll be dead by the time you're thirty. Nom.
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January 29th, 2014
This is only going to end in poor decisions, and tears. Actually, the man who put his jewellery store there is a genius, to make a fortune all you would need is a large enough 'no refunds' sign.
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March 7th, 2013
Even if Monday was changed to the official day for free steaks and oral pleasure for all, nobody would utter such a ridiculous sentiment as this.
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January 22nd, 2009
At 39, Jennifer Aniston has fooled us all, she looks 10 years younger - It means during Friends, when you thought she was a hawt 21 year old she was going on to her late twenties
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November 24th, 2009
From the looks of these photos bath time for Kaitlin is a sultry affair, there's no just washing your hair and getting out, not for Kaitlin, no!!
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May 23rd, 2011
This is reason numero uno why you shouldn't leave your beloved pooch locked up in the car. Forget the general cruelty of leaving them trapped in a hot box, and think of that new upholstery you've just put in.
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