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Epic MacBook Toss Prank
March 7th, 2011 
Sometimes you have to go the extra yard and pull a stunt that 'could' induce heart-attack - The son's 'dropping the fake laptop' prank is great, but it will never make up for his father 'passing on the genetic code for his hair!
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Yo, that's what's up turftuhlly.
May 10th, 2011
If you haven't heard the news you must have been living in a cave. So Osama’s bin laden to rest and the world is now completely safe from evil. Woo and a-hoo! He was the bad guy, right? We are all gonna be better off now, aren’t we?
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August 20th, 2012
If you have been to any large city in Europe over the past five years you will have seen one of these pedaling bars. Basically you pedal around as if on a bike but with all your pals drinking. Well this guy spots a group of chicks on one.
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February 25th, 2011
Actually, if you think about it, Borat probably has more talent and charisma than The Hoff, he might have been a better choice for the leading role in Baywatch.
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May 3rd, 2011
It's a battle of the sexes and it doesn't look like it's going too well for this poor dude...It's only fun, but he is getting his ass kicked and will not hit her back, while she pummels him bad......... *Wait!
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April 1st, 2009
These guys sure know how to make a movie a lot more interesting and fast pace. Some of those big time directors could learn a thing or two if they have the time to sit through this....... LOL
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October 31st, 2008
Everyone likes a challenge, especially one involving extreme sports ! Pit your skills against pro extreme sports photographer Nathan Gallagher to win some really great prizes!
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January 4th, 2013
When a girl asks, "Hey, can you drop me off at the bus stop?", of course you are gonna answer "No problem!" Now that's how to see the new year in. Throwing women around will always make for a good time.
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March 17th, 2011
This song goes out to all the guys who've loved and lost... their dignity, trying to get the hot chick. It can be heartbreaking, but their is a cure...You need a late bloomer guys trust me.
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March 25th, 2011
*crack* *crunch* *thwack* These are the sounds of Steven Seagal entering a room, snapping fingers like they were biscuits, twisting limbs like they were those of bendy action figures, caving guy's knee caps in like they were made of brittle glass. It's all here. Worship it.
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January 6th, 2014
Forget about Batman vs Supes, that’s soooo whatever, it’s all about Superman versus the Hulk as the two heroes beat the crap put of one another - Who will win? How many fanboy/girl pants will be soiled?
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