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Gerda-Marie Maré
February 10th, 2009 
She's a South African beauty who looks pretty good in a bikini - as you can see for yourselves from this pictures she did for Sports Illustrated!!!
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June 3rd, 2013
This is how the gingers pass on their affliction. Remember kids; kissing gingers - JUST SAY NO. Unless you want freckles, red hair, an unhealthy aversion to sunlight and a distict lack of soul.
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January 30th, 2009
I don't think I'm the only one who would also like a taste! She has more flow than Niagara Falls and damn it must taste good cos she just cant get enough already.
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March 6th, 2009
That bacon would look a lot better in the frying pan..... Damn this chick is so hot i'm surprised that bacon hasn't started cooking on her chest! Wowzers
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December 31st, 2012
Ever wondered how those awesome push-up bras work? Well apparently the secret is in getting a couple of hands under them, pushing up. SCIENCE!!!
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June 30th, 2009
Here is San Francisco's latest ad aimed at Iranian homosexuals looking for a nice vacation. Now i NEVER want to go there :(
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November 29th, 2010
Sometimes 'strange' is really better left well alone, but what has been seen can NEVER be unseen - There are so many things seriously wrong in this image I just don't know where to start, phone Chris Hansen?
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January 9th, 2012
You might think that Doc Brown is a pretty smart guy. Not so. Dude's got a freaking time machine. Why the hell would be in a hurry to go anywhere? It's not like he's ever going to actually be late...
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June 2nd, 2011
This one is SO simple it's pure genius, first off find a decent date site where you can talk to female members...Then pretend like you are an art student and the rest is history!
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March 8th, 2011
When the other half's got the painters and decorators in, what do you do if she fancies a bit of making the beast with two backs? Well if you're Jack Nicholson in The Shining, even though you're a deranged killer, even you might not be able to handle it.
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November 8th, 2013
Perspective is pretty damn important. Sure, if you don't care about mixing up gay waiters and break dancers then it's inconsequential...
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