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Girl Friend Gets Mega Pranked!
December 30th, 2010 
This is SO elaborate i almost wonder whether he's out to actually kill rather than just prank her, but the payoff is a such a delight to witness, so who really cares! This guy's on a slippery slope, and so was she... Oooooooooo!!!
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September 26th, 2012
There's strange, stranger....and then there's this - We understand wanting to save a few dollars, but watch this PSA and learn why purchasing a used condom is the wrong way to do that. WTF!?!
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March 25th, 2009
This video installment features the fine flock of FOUNDRY CAMS girls moving their bodies sensually to "Slipslide" by The LADIES OF SPORT. It's a nice change of pace to see the girls in a more mellow setting with a soothing soundtrack.
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August 21st, 2009
This dude follows loads of celebrities so he can give you the weekly pundit run down of what they have been up to, sounds lame but he is super funny.
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November 18th, 2014
So this is as good as it gets? The mailman must really have a crappy day if this is the best part of it for him. I mean yeah it's cute but come on even he must go for a beer after work.
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May 23rd, 2012
NBA Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving goes undercover and dresses up as a convincing old man and plays a prank on some guys on a pick-up court who think they are participating in a documentary. Epic.
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October 29th, 2012
A guy gets throat punched for his efforts to bring mirth to the community through the placement of sandwich meats on people's torsos. You might say his efforts were... ham-fisted. Nope. Don't say that. Ever.
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May 21st, 2012
Proof that just because you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you can teach it to avoid large animals in the future. This will probably be the last time this old dog gets excited to see horses walking along the beach.
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October 24th, 2011
Remember, appearances can be deceiving. This guy looks pretty normal from just staring at him at the beginning. The nose piercing is a bit of a hint though, and then once the make up starts to come off his real self is revealed.
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June 2nd, 2009
Just when you thought i couldnt get any funnier they release the deleted scenes and you world suddenly becomes a better place again.
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March 7th, 2010
This dumb kid jumps out a second story window bounces off a trampoline and finally faceplants at his mother's feet. She must be SO proud of her son?
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