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Girl Friend Gets Mega Pranked!
December 30th, 2010 
This is SO elaborate i almost wonder whether he's out to actually kill rather than just prank her, but the payoff is a such a delight to witness, so who really cares! This guy's on a slippery slope, and so was she... Oooooooooo!!!
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October 17th, 2013
Yes, Mentos in Coke makes the Coke explode in a fantastic frenzy, but if you put a condom on it as well, it makes for a giant, foamy wang! Which is just as entertaining as the explosion.
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April 21st, 2009
Wow this guy really takes the biscuit, how much of a moron can he actually be. Firstly if your car was hit and was in this state you would at least get out of the thing. LOL!!!
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June 15th, 2010
I'll never trust a crane again in my life after this! This is why you park your ride yourself instead of employing the services of a valet. Man i would have crapped my pants if i had seen this happen - FAIL-FAIL-FAIL!
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October 31st, 2009
This is, quite simply, awesome. This is the Icelandic Symphony playing the music of John Williams, & in this clip they're playing The Imperial March. Every thing's going normally the conductor's doing his job, but then half way through...
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July 5th, 2011
It’ll take all your concentration and brain power to try and work out what it is they’re actually going on about with regards to the actual game, rather than just talking absolute filth to one another.
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July 13th, 2011
Baseball really is a dangerous sport -- for the fans. This guy takes a big fall after trying to catch a foul ball that was just out of his reach. He could have fallen to his death and these commentators wouldn't care.
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August 25th, 2009
I seriously worry for this couple, they are so hell bent of pulling pranks on each other that they are sure to self destruct pretty soon. She is hot as hell though.
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November 2nd, 2011
Think about it, what are friends really for. This? It looks like one of these kids isn't going to get to be a wrestler when he gets older... or if we look at it another way, get to grow up at all.
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November 29th, 2010
Science is cool, ok, so ok, it might be a complete biatch to learn - However, for those of us whose braincells were not genetically developed to process such learning, auto-tuned science is infinitely cooler!
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February 10th, 2014
The young guy in this is left with very stained underwear after being the victim of this mafia murder hoax from YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin—the poor terrified chap thinks he’s witnessed a mafia hit - scarred for life.
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