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Géraldine Bazán's Gorgeous
January 20th, 2009 
Like the Brazilians, Mexicans really love their pin-ups - Hell, every country loves their pin-ups so I say why restrict yourself to the best of one country? Love pin-ups the world over, it could be the dirty white dove of peace that unites us all !
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what up
January 7th, 2011
Oh man, this is one of those stories that really tugs at the wrist, you know? You really feel sorry for this poor guy, even though he's purple and his friends are coloured green and a sort of pale pink. Oh cruel earth!
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September 29th, 2011
Knowing how some gadget-happy people are so completely disconnected from the real world, i wouldn't be at all surprised if this is a genuine app? All we need now is one virtual gf and we are set.
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January 23rd, 2009
This Greek goddess shot to NO fame at all after being runner up in the Miss Charm section of Miss Bikini International 2006! Still if it was up to me, I'd pronounce her a winner & give her a special prize!!!
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June 22nd, 2011
While the internet is a great giver, it can also be a taker away. Take this situation for example, this guy's uber stamina should be something that his girlfriend celebrates, instead pr0n, for once, has let him down.
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June 23rd, 2011
Try and not read this in the voice of Sean Connery and you win. Not sure what, but you win because when you read what it says, you're totally going to read it in Shan Connery's vhoicsh.
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March 22nd, 2011
The many moods of Emma Watson, happy, thoughtful, shocked, proud, confused, her facial expression giving away her mood instantly. Then there's Kristen, no matter what mood she's in he always looks constipated.
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May 14th, 2009
She's definitely hawt and also annoying, but she looks good in these photos and not too much like a jumped up emo teen, which was always my main cause of hate!
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November 11th, 2014
Ever thought it'd be cool to be able to see the world through the eyes of your cat? Nope, me either, but when you do, it explains a whole lot of their behaviour, like the sleeping on laundry and rummaging in the trash.
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September 28th, 2010
Just like there is no need to hide the fact that you are gay, who needs to be modest about playing some of the biggest roles in film history?
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November 1st, 2011
Damn you Voldemort! This dude's got the bigger and better version of Harry Potter's facial scar. That would make a bitchin tattoo, because I assume getting one in the same manner as this man might be slightly impractical.
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