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Géraldine Bazán's Gorgeous
January 20th, 2009 
Like the Brazilians, Mexicans really love their pin-ups - Hell, every country loves their pin-ups so I say why restrict yourself to the best of one country? Love pin-ups the world over, it could be the dirty white dove of peace that unites us all !
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what up
September 16th, 2010
Will you look at these two. Prime specimens, and look at the portrait they've decided to have taken. This defines class, if your mom's a sewer rat. You are now free to dry retch and scrub your eyes with bleach.
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February 6th, 2010
A true genius is always waaay ahead of the curve & time - Go Bobby! - "Johnnny’s in the basement mixing up the lolcats…"
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December 18th, 2012
Everybody likes playing on swings. Even bad guys in cowls and cool evil looking helmets. After this they're off to the see-saw for even more fun!
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October 8th, 2008
I can't believe this lazy git. What shoddy workmanship, if he had a higher 2nd ladder or even added a small 3rd bit he wouldn't leave the top bit looking so untidy.
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February 24th, 2009
Argentinian of epic hawtness who's a model and TV hostess, she's got gorgeous smoky eyes that I could stare into all day & a body that I'm pretty sure I'd never tire of seeing naked!!!
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November 23rd, 2011
In a sneak-peek at the poster we get to see Buzz go on a journey like never before, it looks as if the space ranger is trying to save the world from a black hole - ""To infinity and.........WTF???"
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September 23rd, 2011
Discovering about the birds and the bees for the first time can be slightly daunting, that is, when you are about eight or nine years old. Why this twenty-something woman is weirding out is slightly worrying. Forever alone?
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March 12th, 2013
If this doesn't look painfully familiar then you're one of the lucky ones. The rest of us have at least one friend on facebook who insists on liking and reposting this crap.
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March 10th, 2011
Men just need something to concentrate on whilst females are rambling on about whatever it is they care about (that we don't) & sometimes you just want to curl up and make a nest in there.
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February 6th, 2015
Coming up with new ways to inflict maximum pain on one of your siblings is always a challenge, the rules state that there can be no visible marks that will show if your parents believe her stories of torture. This is a killer.
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