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Géraldine Bazán's Gorgeous
January 20th, 2009 
Like the Brazilians, Mexicans really love their pin-ups - Hell, every country loves their pin-ups so I say why restrict yourself to the best of one country? Love pin-ups the world over, it could be the dirty white dove of peace that unites us all !
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what up
September 10th, 2012
They might look super happy and like the kind of marine animal that you could go for a pint with, but don't forget that they killed Steve Irwin. Keep your guard up!
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April 16th, 2009
Here is the ultimate solution where kilt wearers can sit and not worry about the shrubbery being squashed. I think the novelty has to wear off for the second user on a hot and sweaty day!!
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June 5th, 2012
So that's Nikki Minaj on the left and a Troll on the right. Personally I don't think they even look remotely similar. The only similarity is that I wouldn't want to see either one nekkid...
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February 29th, 2008
Just in case you wre wondering about important 'stuff' - There is a perfectly rational explanation for everything :)
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May 4th, 2011
Do you think the time that the president decided to announce they'd killed Osama was intentional? Not because of the proximity to the mission but because he could get one over on Donald Trump.
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August 25th, 2009
Kate and Karen team up to help make you feel all better ! Why is it when ever i meet a nurse they are total rotters and not babes like these broads?
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October 12th, 2011
Remember back in the day when people used to write on very thin slices of wood with strange objects called pencils? Nope, me either. thank god we live in a modern age, that sounds like the dark ages!
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April 6th, 2011
If you're a comic book character, vengeful or just trying to do your bit, it is absolutely paramount that you have deceased parents. All the better if the non-existence extends into other immediate family and beyond.
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August 18th, 2011
You know the feeling. You're at a music gig, the place is rocking and you need to express yourself....BUT. Some people just don't seem to realise that nobody likes a fat crowd surfer.
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July 24th, 2010
It took a while but we are now seeing the benefits of having a black president - One of the things I've looked forward to the most when we got a brother in office - LEGALIZE WEED! You go Barry!
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