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Guitar Zeroes
March 21st, 2008 
Just when you thought you'd had enough of music talent contests - Along comes the mudda to end them all !
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January 25th, 2011
"Lets get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!" A fan loses his rag with the mascot and tries to get all tough with the guy in the bear suit. After the security start ejecting him, the mascot taunts him and then dishes out some serious ownage on him. FAIL!
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March 11th, 2009
These guys know the endings to 50 movies i pretty much havent seen, so as apposed to it spoiling it for me i found it quite informative, and they do it in a funny manor so i hope you enjoy like i did.
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April 28th, 2014
And i bet you all thought it was just dumb guys who were this horrible to each other, how wrong we allwere. Something tells us they wont be living with each other for too much longer as room mates.
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August 18th, 2010
I was always wondering if they were going to do a sequel. After all once that ship sunk, then, erm, well yeah. Shit, how are they going to do a sequel. Oh, I see it’s 100 years later. Riiiight.....WTFF!?!
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November 6th, 2008
Oh my god these tow are the biggest set of bozos you could ever find. This is going to be their highest paid job of their lives because they are obviously special. Oh well it's funny for us !
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December 16th, 2011
‘They mostly come out on ice….. Mostly’ – You can keep your Lion Kings, your Fantasias, your Beauty and the Beasts, this is where it’s at when it comes to putting films on ice. This is something the whole family can enjoy.
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July 18th, 2012
This is the one and only acceptable time that you can listen to Bieber and if anyone catches you, then you’d better think up a good excuse. But this guy should be appreciated, he’s made two terrible tween shitesters tolerable and that isn’t easy.
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September 18th, 2014
Have they totally lost their minds? Surely they know they need to have no clothes on for this stunt to work. They have forgotten the most obvious of things.
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August 17th, 2012
After landing that rover on Mars NASA are once again heroes in the public’s eyes, so what better way to celebrate them then by making a rap song. Hopefully Obama will hear this rap and give them loads of money so we can all go and live in space.
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October 3rd, 2011
Mom and Dad grounded this dude from the internet for two weeks. Pretty severe, but the reason he flips out is that he can't tell his guild, or get his epic new crossbow. FAIL!
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