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Guitar Zeroes
March 21st, 2008 
Just when you thought you'd had enough of music talent contests - Along comes the mudda to end them all !
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January 8th, 2010
This babe has some serious curves and plenty of enthusiasm when it comes to showing them off! Which is great, because we have endless enthusiasm for watching babes show off the curves!
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April 11th, 2012
I like cereal, but this guy really, really loves cereal, specifically Rice Chex. While creeped out, we wish we loved something as much as he does those... If he ever invites you round for some. RUN AWAY!
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November 6th, 2007
All she had to do was grow a moustache, gain about an extra 100lbs and have a slight resemblance to Ron Jeremy and she is one sexy lady - LOL !
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May 20th, 2009
To be honest i dont feel bad for this girl. Models have it all given to them on a plate and to see one go down live on a news feed is pretty damn funny, so i think I'd laugh too. Lol!
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June 15th, 2010
Secret empires, the Military Complex, The Bilderberg Group – where the current British PM David Cameron was a guest in 2009. What it’s all about, aye? It must have something to do with the low fat yoghurt conspiracy…WTF!?!
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April 25th, 2010
I have to agree with the sentiments of the song with this one, as soon as the video started and I saw this honey shaking her slender body to the groove, I too was thinking nasty thoughts about her and the things we could do. Who wouldn't?
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December 12th, 2011
Talk about working up an appetite! It's not often that ads turn to bloody murders to peddlel their wares. But this works SO well you can almost taste the well-earned snack this killer noms. WANT!
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May 5th, 2011
There is amazing and then there is this kid - I bet he catches more balls than some of the other dead beats that are on the field that day. I think he has a bright future in front of him.
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September 12th, 2014
And yet so far, let's just hope he wasn't badly hurt as he tumbles from near the roof after attempting to climb it in what amounts to a very difficult and tough way, in a way that it wasn't really meant to be climbed. No wonder he failed.
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October 29th, 2010
Hahaha that little turtle sure can move pretty damn fast. If a robber was to break into this house the turtle would see him off. I wonder if you threw a stick he would go fetch it?
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