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Drunk Girl Owns Herself
August 5th, 2014 
Man this chick is so wasted, but she is also very hot, so it becomes a time-old conundrum about how you react to this? I would be sleazing it to the max at this point with her and then let her own herself. But that's just me.
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April 12th, 2010
Whats better than a straight up sub? I'll tell you, its 2 smoking hot babes feeding each other and getting pretty hot under the collar as they do it. Hot damn, it's 3 things i love most in life, 2 hotties & a sammich!
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November 10th, 2011
Lets face it, when you are hungry, very hungry, wild horses (or is that deer?) can't keep you from feeding. He was just turned away from the drive-thru window, so he decided to go through the front door. Kind of.
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April 18th, 2012
Sweet Brown made the internet LOL when she mistook her apartment building being on fire for a simple barbeque. But she's also got bronchitis and she ain't got time for no BBQ thinking itself a fire. Hang on, there's a song coming on...
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August 7th, 2008
When you put as much effort into killing poor defenseless critters as this chick it's always good to have a bit of lie down afterwards - It puts a whole new meaning to 'i'd hit it !' - WOW !!!
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August 21st, 2008
It is always a sensitive moment when your girl tells you she is pregnant, but not if you have the force ! That gives you an easy way out.
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June 1st, 2009
I dont know why she is doing it and i dont really care but i do like the fact she is wearing a short skirt and her ass looks lovely, so sit back and enjoy the view everybody!
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September 26th, 2012
There's strange, stranger....and then there's this - We understand wanting to save a few dollars, but watch this PSA and learn why purchasing a used condom is the wrong way to do that. WTF!?!
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October 20th, 2008
What happens if you take Peter Griffin out of his family role and submerse him into the underbelly of a computer generated nightmare - Will he take the blue pill of the red one? No one has ever done anything like this! ...That's why it's going to work !
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September 12th, 2011
What’s not to like in this video? It’s got a guy eternally falling down an escalator and Gary Numan, everyone’s a winner. Well, except the guy constantly falling down the escalator — nobody wants that to happen to them.
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November 2nd, 2010
Wow as time goes on and i see more things like this it really hits home how much Trekkies love Star Trek. This is seriously impressive. Making a scaled down model of the NCC-1701-A and making it able to 'fly' underwater, that takes dedication.
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