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Hot Smelly Ass
July 22nd, 2010 
I really have no idea what is going on here. For some reason this pretty hot girl feels the need to put her hand right down her ass and then smell her hand. It is a nice ass though.
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April 18th, 2011
Even in the world of firefighting they have their elite athletes, those who can slide down a pole with the speed and grace of a ninja, who can run with a ladder like Michael Johnson stepping on clouds. These men are the best of the best of the best.
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November 26th, 2007
"If you rarely get laid - Put your hands up! If you're not well paid - Put your hands up! - If you got a pet cat - Put your hands up - And if you've got a back - Put your hands up!" - Sometimes normality is WAY more intresting!
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June 16th, 2009
Me old mate Parry Gripp has writen a song about young chicks talking about themselves online and about boys they have ruined. Careful suckers because they could seen be talking about you.
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January 14th, 2011
Well, I suppose one has to admire this guy's 'Pull out all the stops' damage control plan, but I'm pretty sure that at this point in time I'd probably be making some serious inquiries into what "entire mouth replacement surgery" costs these days.
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January 8th, 2008
So there you are sitting in your cage minding your own business with your newborn kid when all of a sudden..........WTF?
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October 23rd, 2010
Looks like these cute girls are getting ready for a night of alcohol, gambling & excess - So why not start off with a couple of shots! Using a babe's belly button as a glass sounds like a great plan, but the table has other ideas. FAIL!
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April 23rd, 2012
It's good to see that balloons seem to have the same effect on dogs as they do on little kids. This dog's owners threw him a second birthday party that he'll never forget. Dogs get really excited about number twos.
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January 27th, 2015
Ever noticed how all webcam messages start then same? Well if you hadn't then this might jog your memory. Some of these contributers have had an encounter with the ugly tree though, but's the words that every dude wants to hear :)
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August 10th, 2010
Sometimes you eat the car & sometimes the car eats YOU! Looks like this car has been playing too much Pac-Man for its own good. It kinda needs to remember not to eat the man that feeds it. Still, who can resist a quick tasty snack - WTF!?!
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November 13th, 2008
I bet you didn't know that Hamster are great pianists? Well they are when they can be bothered to actually play, unlike this lazy swine, whose just chilling out and eating some popcorn.
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