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Hot Smelly Ass
July 22nd, 2010 
I really have no idea what is going on here. For some reason this pretty hot girl feels the need to put her hand right down her ass and then smell her hand. It is a nice ass though.
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November 5th, 2010
What happens in this video is pretty much described in the title so what ever i write here doesn't really matter. So if you don't watch this then you're gay. Honest!
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June 15th, 2012
The most epic trailer you will ever see featuring internet legend, Chuck Norris in a film about Chuck Norris, starring Chuck Norris. Also check out Chuck Norris in The Expendables 2 set for release August 17, 2012.
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April 29th, 2009
What the hell is up with this chick? Does she just want to burn her face off, becasue it isnt that bad. Or maybe this is the stage before emo on trying to get some attention for kids these days.
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June 23rd, 2011
Just imagine if real life mirrored the internet when it came to getting your kicks at the local strip club. From the moment you lie about your age at the door to the time your 'free preview' expires, it's a place where viruses and friends alike make it a dirty place to hang out. The horror.
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October 28th, 2013
Sarah Silverman taped a pilot for NBC called Susan 313 last year, where she meets a lesbian neighbor & gets stuck naked in an elevator with a young guy. WTF NBC? Where’s episode two?
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August 1st, 2008
Probably one of the best rap videos ever made and because of that there is very little chance that you will get to see it on the TV - Eminem proves that he can get as bad as it takes to make good music - COOL !
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November 9th, 2007
It 4 oclock in the goddammed morning and Tom Cruise in in your house hitting on your girlfriend - What do you do???
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July 20th, 2012
The dude in the background could not have reacted any less to this wipeout. He doesn't even laugh. Maybe he knew this was going to happen and he's a fortuneteller.
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April 2nd, 2013
A polar bear gets bored of being kept back from his dinner so he gets a large rock and breaks the safety glass holding him back. You can't play with these animals at all. Especially when they are hungry for a human snack.
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January 13th, 2012
Talk about a show-off. With a swing like that either the piñata was either going to go into orbit, or 'this' was going to happen. Unlucky for all the party-goers, but lucky for us the latter happened.
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