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Hot Smelly Ass
July 22nd, 2010 
I really have no idea what is going on here. For some reason this pretty hot girl feels the need to put her hand right down her ass and then smell her hand. It is a nice ass though.
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July 22nd, 2008
Meat Loaf would do anything for love but he certainly wont do anymore bad food from the missus - so he's headed down to the Kwik-E-Mart like a Bat out of Hell for a spot of instant hunger satisfaction !
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July 20th, 2012
The dude in the background could not have reacted any less to this wipeout. He doesn't even laugh. Maybe he knew this was going to happen and he's a fortuneteller.
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December 21st, 2012
It's a showdown between a Dodge and a Chevy and lets just say it gets 'interestin' - You’ll be surprised to learn that no one in this video seems to have an accent from the Northern states. That's so weird isn't it....
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July 22nd, 2014
Here is a stunt that's guaranteed to ruin your weekend. But if you're watching it then you'll probably find it hilarious. Remember kids, playing with fireworks is fun, until it ends with a blast to your family jewels
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August 22nd, 2008
Hahaha this chick gets totally soaked by this kid. She doesn't seem to see the funny side of it though and the kid loves it.
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February 24th, 2012
Meet Clayton Sotos, he’s a photographer who likes taking pics of fat naked men farting out dust. And because of that Dell couldn’t wait to get him to promote their products. Smells like fat man’s farts mixed with fakery….and a waft of genus.
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July 25th, 2008
Ok, so we all know Star Wars is just total science fiction, but if you put the characters into normal everyday life it starts to kinda make sense - This is a compilation of character cut-and-paste craziness - AWESOME !
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March 25th, 2013
At 160 meters this is the biggest swing in the world and is in Queenstown, New Zealand. It's could also double as a rest room considering the amount of sh#t that is expelled by each victim who rides it.
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April 29th, 2009
What the hell is up with this chick? Does she just want to burn her face off, becasue it isnt that bad. Or maybe this is the stage before emo on trying to get some attention for kids these days.
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October 24th, 2013
Well, or until mom gets home at least. Because when she sees what this badman's done to her nice new ceiling, she's going to cut off his johnson and feed it to the ducks. She's going to be so angry, he'll see who the real badass is when mom gets angry.
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