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Ich bin ein Max Luft-er !
August 19th, 2008 
Jeder liebt Nike! You don't need to be a linguist to work out that Nike translates as 'Cool' in every language on the planet, and this bit of Berlin electro proves it. Now I need to sort myself out some of those treads !
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September 6th, 2011
When something's called a 'Human Slingshot' you can be pretty sure what you're going to get. There's no fails here however, only some absolutely crazy air achieved, and some sick mid-air moves.
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July 12th, 2011
Are you fed up with the grinding monotony of your daily life? Then why not commit the perfect murder and bring a little Hitchcockian mystery into your mundane existence. How? Well you just can just google it.
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July 7th, 2011
This chick watches in amusement at two workers as they struggle to carry out her washing machine. Finally she pushes them to aside and loads it by herself. Cool, but wasn't she meant to be making then a sammich?
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June 26th, 2012
Launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to an altitude of 121,000' Derek Deville's Qu8k rocket makes it into space. The fact he built this in his back yard and managed to retrieve it is amazing.
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March 12th, 2012
This is a bit like Inception for dogs, but one of these is living & breathing. Well, I failed this. You get 15 seconds to find which one of these pug dogs is not the fake.
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August 13th, 2009
Sorry darling beat boxing blows whether you are a big fat black guy or a semi hot slim white chick, so views do what i did and turn the volume down, then enjoy.
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July 22nd, 2013
Some people never grow up - Comedian Mark Malkoff is carried like a baby around NYC by 7'0 tall Grizz Chapman from NBC's "30 Rock". The reactions from people on the streets of New York were hilarious!
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October 5th, 2010
I couldn't have said it better myself. You're walking to work, you get splashed by a car passing through a giant puddle: bollocks. You get to work and realise you'd booked the day off: bollocks. You go to the toilet, look down: bollocks.
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June 14th, 2013
Some people just can't wait to eat. She must have been sooo hungry for those delicious bland tacos that she had to drive directly into the restaurant instead of finding a parking spot outside.
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November 10th, 2009
You're drunk, the sun has come up and you havent got a cork screw for you vino. Never fear because your mate is here and he has the solution to all your problems.
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