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Ich bin ein Max Luft-er !
August 19th, 2008 
Jeder liebt Nike! You don't need to be a linguist to work out that Nike translates as 'Cool' in every language on the planet, and this bit of Berlin electro proves it. Now I need to sort myself out some of those treads !
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June 2nd, 2008
Hillary Clinton explodes at news of her imminent Downfall - from inside her bunker ! Ok, it might be 1945 and Hillary does bear more than a passing resemblance to Hitler, but don't let that put you off this slice of Presidential Election genius !
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July 6th, 2009
In the past people who worked on the internet were ugly freaks with itchy cardigans made from social paranoia and awkwardness, but not any more, now we're all at it and people who work in technology are hailed as gods on this earth!
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February 20th, 2009
Mr Bolt is so damn fast he stops to make a call to his girlfriend and still manages to totally smash the world record. Think how fast he would be if he bothered trying? Genius.
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March 24th, 2014
Two of the best things in the world combined into one video; the TIMELESS SOUND of Dubstep and the always amusing redneck. Watch as he bumps, grinds, and waves his lawn trimmer around. Best redneck ever.
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January 25th, 2010
If i was about to croak i'd marry the hottest gold digger i could find and enjoy the ride for the rest of my days too.
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January 8th, 2011
These are the perfect applications for you to see just what your ex-girlfriend is up to then just make sure you do the same thing, easy money really. Stalking has never been so easy!
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February 13th, 2012
What would Batman do to occupy himself if there were no more criminals to fight? He'd probably break into people's houses and take samples of their jobbies to see if there was a fiendish toilet blocking plot underway. Possibly.
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January 23rd, 2012
Just sit there for a minute girls and i'll turn this up really loud, no no no dont worry about your ear drums they'll be fine, trust me. It's what chicks expect when you press the 'Mega Bass' button - OMG !
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August 14th, 2012
The most famous conjoined twins on the Internet, Abigail and Brittany Hensel, have been handed their very own reality TV show and will follow the 22-year-old duo’s lives as they graduate from college, enter the real world and take a trip to Europe.
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March 2nd, 2011
As Shomari Stone prepares to shoot an intro to a news story, he witnesses a street fight break out and jumps into the fray. He's now the #1 contender for a regional Emmy and a title shot.
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