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Jump Around
January 14th, 2010 
They said it could never happen, but here's the conclusive proof: people can fly, it just so happens they can only do it when poised above a bed. Coincidence?
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April 27th, 2010
Filling an opposum with fireworks and lighting them isn't normal...on meth it is. And it does make you look like a total nut case which is cool.
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July 31st, 2013
The whole "see a penny, pick it up.." thing works a whole lot better if you don't scoop it up with your eye socket while traveling at about 30mph. Maybe it just means he'll have good luck when he's in the emergency room?
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January 6th, 2015
Great shot but you know what, dave? If you really wanna look super freaking awesome you need to look more nonchalant. How about giving us TWO thumbs up instead of just the one, eh? Dave? Where are you going?
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April 20th, 2009
if you are a chick and want to get the attention of EVERY geek in the room then you should maybe take off what you are wearing and put this very special outfit on - WTF?
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January 22nd, 2010
Apparently half-naked girls as DJs is a very popular trend sweeping Russian clubs, providing some nice eye candy for the drunken guys to admire.
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August 8th, 2013
If you're puzzled by what's going on here, you're not the only one. This guy looks about as confused as I do right now. I reckon he just asked for a massage and got more than he bargained for.
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September 23rd, 2011
Discovering about the birds and the bees for the first time can be slightly daunting, that is, when you are about eight or nine years old. Why this twenty-something woman is weirding out is slightly worrying. Forever alone?
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December 8th, 2010
We laugh because it's funny, we laugh because it's true. You can only imagine the number of greasy-haired pedervs that have to confront each other's sweat-beaded face when trying to entrap young kids. Maybe like 5 or so.
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September 25th, 2012
They're a lot like regular horses but they require a whole lot more attention. Also if for any reason you stop buying them drinks they'll get uppity and leave.
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December 2nd, 2008
Argentinian Belen Rodriguez is big in Italy & known for her relationship with the Milanese soccer player, Marco Borriello - Born in 1984, her biggest claim to fame seems to be starring in a rap video with Coolio
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