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K-Pop Girl Group Faceplant
August 8th, 2011 
SHOCK HORROR!! The most incredible part for the crowd was the realization that this girl group was actually singing. It's one of those rare moments that only a live performance can produce - Looks like she bruised her puppies pretty good, OUCH!!!
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November 30th, 2012
Next time you eat too many hamburgers think of this reptile - Something about this cow wasn't sitting well with the snake. Maybe it's the fact that IT WAS AN ENTIRE F&$KING COW INSIDE OF IT.
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April 21st, 2011
Sometimes if you are trying to be a boss you have to know your limits! Another motorcycle showoff graciously tests the strength of some metal barriers with the front of his bike. What a waste of a fine machine!
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September 10th, 2008
It's another song for the ladies by Jon Lajoie - This could quite possibly become a nerdcore anthem for the geek generation as it clearly defines what 'certain' men want - LOL !
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September 6th, 2010
It's like one of those cruel laboratory experiments, except in this case these little rat-assed rodents are actually domesticated and clearly out for a good time in the household - Cute hamsters go WILD! - Totally weird !!!
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May 3rd, 2011
It's a battle of the sexes and it doesn't look like it's going too well for this poor dude...It's only fun, but he is getting his ass kicked and will not hit her back, while she pummels him bad......... *Wait!
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July 22nd, 2010
Who said chicks can't fight worth a damn? Proof that the fairer sex can be deadly - In a fight, never underestimate your opponent. You never know what they might have up their sleeve, she's cute & deadly!
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April 23rd, 2012
It's good to see that balloons seem to have the same effect on dogs as they do on little kids. This dog's owners threw him a second birthday party that he'll never forget. Dogs get really excited about number twos.
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July 22nd, 2009
If you are really drunk and and need to cool off the best thing you can do is climb into a fountain and fail trying to get out of it, because your friends will love it.
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February 1st, 2013
Yes, it's been confirmed, even canines have first-world problems. Maybe he should focus on spiritual enrichment instead of accumulating ever-larger sticks. How else does he expect to get into doggie heaven?
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July 5th, 2011
Its a seriously risky move to perform your booty dance in front of a 'hopefully' captivated audience next to the TV - What if whoever is watching you suddenly is checking out whether Family Guy is showing soon - Be careful sister!
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