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K-Pop Girl Group Faceplant
August 8th, 2011 
SHOCK HORROR!! The most incredible part for the crowd was the realization that this girl group was actually singing. It's one of those rare moments that only a live performance can produce - Looks like she bruised her puppies pretty good, OUCH!!!
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June 16th, 2011
Lets face it, some moms are hawt and it's weird when your friends drool over her - You can check out his aunt, she's not very attractive, maybe even his big sister, but if you go near his mom, then this Mr T looking squirt will KILL YOU!!!
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January 3rd, 2012
Skaters and BMXers move aside! The walking frame gets in on some well deserved kudos, the only problem is it's been adopted by hipsters who can't get enough of pulling tricks on their mobile assistance walkers. You kinda feel sorry for old people.
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April 23rd, 2009
She's back she's back!!!! The best way to learn how to cook things, getting taught by a porn star, and this time its is slightly more interesting than boiling and egg!!
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September 27th, 2012
This lady makes the impossible a reality - How has she managed to make dancing with a hula hoop to country and western music look cool? We'd go as far as to say she actually looks pretty damn hot.
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October 23rd, 2008
When a decision is this easy it just isn't funny. But when they were making this video can you imagine casting for the fat ugly girl? Well she has probably come to terms with it by now hahahaha.
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July 26th, 2011
The fact that's it's summer means it's a great excuse to show lots of girls in bikinis falling over and stuff. So you get some cheap thrills and you get to lol as well. What more could you want? Maybe some sun?
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March 20th, 2009
Now this a sport i could really see myself becomming a fan of - Every time a cute chick gets hit by a ball she has to remove an item of clothing - Somehow i don't see this being an event at the next Olympics :(
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January 6th, 2011
Not a lot people know but penguins, they adore heavy metal music. Antarctica is basically a giant frozen rock and roll venue, full of penguins at a never ending heavy metal gig. Don't believe me? Then take a look for yourselves.
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November 30th, 2010
This is some sound advice, getting a cat dosed up on catnip's a great start. But be warned, if the cat wants to claw the flesh from your face, then it will do. And just ignore those guttural cries of anguish, that's just to get attention.
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October 11th, 2010
For all you flesh-eating, organ-munching, human-devouring undead out there, you need to shape up gods dammit! What sort of a terrifying walking dead do you call yourselves? I bet you couldn't even suck an eyeball through a lower intestine!
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