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Kid Breaks Leg On Jet Ski Stunt
September 28th, 2011 
You win some, you lose some. BAD. The jet-ski-to-tube stunt might have worked if this guy had been able to follow directions, but it looks like his leg made a wrong turn right before the ankle.
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April 19th, 2012
They say that practice makes perfect, but they forget to tell you about the pain. She some how manages to over rotate this move and goes down hard. We know the floor is slightly sprung but look how high she bounces once she goes down. Ouch!
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December 23rd, 2008
Just when you thought life couldnt get any better, your favorite website comes through with the ultimate video to improve your life. Predator rap was one thing but robocop rap is another.
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June 13th, 2009
Create some truly unique characters with their own distinct, and crazy, personalities. Live out your fantasies, parody your friends, enemies, your annoying neighbours! The possibilities are endless, the only barrier is your imagination!
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May 19th, 2014
Mike Capes walks you through everything you need to know to win a gentlemanly bar fight. Hit them early, hard and with the right part of your fist. Then do the decent thing and buy them a drink, and start all over again.
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June 10th, 2013
This is a totally hilarious 70's public service video about the best way of talking to your kids about jerking off. It's a wonder they didn't get nominations for Oscar's off this. It's the stuff of nightmares!
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October 25th, 2011
Anyone can go have a great time at the game, but it takes a little something extra to skip the game and make an awesome looking tilt-shift time-lapse of the gameday experience in your local college town.
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October 22nd, 2008
The outback, a land of crocodiles & women with big kahunas - So be careful when your pants are down & you're doing what bears do in the woods, even tough Steve Irwin-types can come away empty handed !
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March 28th, 2008
My all-time favourite cartoon hero decides to break out of the kid's TV morning slot and make a name for himself in the Death Metal scene - All i can say is this sponge has got a lot of talent - LOL !
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March 15th, 2011
I think i have just fallen in love (again). I am totally blown away by this babe just look at the way her hips move as she rides, if you ain't into that you are definitely a fag. Or blind?
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August 22nd, 2012
You'd either have to be extremely cold blooded not buy an ice cream off these guys or the weather would have to be really bad (and i mean sub-zero conditions) - They are brilliant.
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