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Kid Breaks Leg On Jet Ski Stunt
September 28th, 2011 
You win some, you lose some. BAD. The jet-ski-to-tube stunt might have worked if this guy had been able to follow directions, but it looks like his leg made a wrong turn right before the ankle.
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August 10th, 2011
Meet QWOP. He might not be winning any medals any time soon, but he'll definitely win some kudos for this cosplay. For those of you that have no idea what the hell he is supposed to be - Shame!
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November 9th, 2010
Someone forgot to tell al-Qu'eda that you're supposed to let cats out of bags, not put them in boxes - Good job they didn't blow ther suspicious package up - I bet they felt like a bunch of pussies after the package was 'cat'alogued as safe - Idiots!
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November 22nd, 2010
You don't need to be told what's going to happen here, it's totally inevitable the moment she puts that bar up and attempts to do a her first pull up. You just know what's going to happen, you just know it - But you just need to make sure!
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November 15th, 2007
You have to admire girls and their fine use of internet culture - here is a prime example of bedroom babes taking an internet classic to the next level :)
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January 17th, 2011
Editing old Muppet Show clips so that the characters lip sync is pretty neat but it terms of sheer hilarity nothing comes close to Kanye West's Twitter account. The man is either a comedy god or a dribbling retard. I know which my money is on...
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April 15th, 2009
If you live in a nation where killing bulls is a legal sport you have to expect a little pay back once in a while and that is exactly what happens here. OUCH!!!
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August 16th, 2011
This attempted implosion at the Loring Air Force Base in Maine would've been the largest implosion in the history of Maine. Instead, the demolition company's reputation experienced the biggest implosion in the state's history.
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December 21st, 2011
If you're a resident of Skyrim and you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault you could get $$$! Or at the very least you could end up with another arrow lodged in you kneecap, totally free of charge! (terms and conditions apply)
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October 26th, 2010
The Old Spice Messiah just needs to talk to turn chicks into drooling damsels - The female radio host has literally dropped to her knees & begged him to be his slave during an interview - Just imagine having that much power in your voice.
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November 3rd, 2010
This thing looks like it would give way if a mouse tried to walk across it. Although, It's slightly safer than the giant catapult they used to use to cross the river back in the old days, like a couple of years ago.
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