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Kid Breaks Leg On Jet Ski Stunt
September 28th, 2011 
You win some, you lose some. BAD. The jet-ski-to-tube stunt might have worked if this guy had been able to follow directions, but it looks like his leg made a wrong turn right before the ankle.
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May 12th, 2010
It's all important final of a statewide spelling bee and it's about time someone was honest with these kids and told them what a bunch of dorks they really are ! Well, if anyone is going to do it, it might as well be the two judges !
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May 26th, 2014
Meet Zavaldil, a local cable channel stunt man from the 90s. Shortly after this clip ends a neighbor rescues Zavaladi from drowning, but a fracture to his neck forced him to stay grounded for the next 6 months.
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June 26th, 2008
Where do gangs come from and why are they so popular? There are so many gangs out there at the moment you may already be in one and not even know it! Curious Probe dodges the bullets to find out more - LOL !
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November 25th, 2011
This is why you always choose "Yes" when the ATM asks if you agree to the fees. It's like something out of a Saw movie where the only chance of escape requires you do something horrible...Like accepting the card charge :(
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July 26th, 2013
As dumb ideas go, this is up there with the best. Two girls realised they’d never punched anybody and also that they might, just might, look good with a black eye. So what’s their bright idea? To punch each other in the face and see how that works out
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March 13th, 2008
You just have to wonder when the first pop star pooch is gonna hit the charts - This death metal dog is proof that animals get the music too - COOL !
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May 27th, 2011
I thought it was impossible to get away with stealing a cop car unless you are playing GTA 4? Sadly, and i really mean sadly this is not the case anymore as this kid demonstates - I actually wonder if he thinks he's in a game, he'll work it out when he finds he can't dial a chopper!
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May 3rd, 2013
Yep, it's the Spring Break, but that shouldn't be a reason not to wear the uniform. There really is a lot to be said for the school girl outfit. I'm sure it has got many men in trouble with the law over the years.
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March 9th, 2009
Germans are such nice people, there's always someone there to lend a helping hand or helping "member" to a chick in distress - WTF!?!
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September 23rd, 2010
Hahahaha imagine this happening to you and the people behind you just filming the event and laughing the whole time while you have you underpants in your ass. Actually, i think this scenario is pretty much what anyone would do - LMAO!
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