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King Of The Choppers
May 10th, 2011 
Just when you think everything is going to be alright, he takes the tumble you were expecting from the start. That's what you get for having that paint job fool.
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January 24th, 2012
A mashup from the maven himself: Pogo. It takes the chords, bass notes and vocal samples from the Disney Pixar film “Up” and creates a magical little remix that will have you hating the hate and feeling like you could crush a grape.
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March 17th, 2008
It's a clash of the titans event when J Lo goes up against Ms. Hilton - Quite possibly the best celeb bitch fight ever to be caught on video! Lets the sharpened nails carnage begin - LOL !
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March 14th, 2011
This clip was made by an unhappily married man obviously carrying out his fantasy - Sometimes if you can't get what you want with your current partner, maybe it's time to try something drastic - LOL!
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July 3rd, 2009
Looks like Jon has hit the nail well and truly on this head with this song and thank god, I'm bored of everyone bumming Jacko now just because he is dead, the pedo.
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October 1st, 2010
How many of you can remember the original theme song, well i do and it was BAD, in a very sickly-sweet, kill your mom, kinda-way - This indie version is the best worst thing in the world - "Got any cheese?" Vegan gourmet cheese, that is."
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February 11th, 2011
Don't be bitter about this clip stealing the thunder from diet coke, just enjoy it for what is it, a can of seemingly endless beer. Where can I get one of these magical cans that are to beer what Mary Poppins' bag was to female accessories.
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May 26th, 2014
Wow!!!! Prepare to be absolutely amazed - If you didn't know about this then your eyes are about to be fully opened. This has to be the best life hack we have ever seen. Extremely useful.
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July 24th, 2008
This bird sings better than me, which ain't saying much! I think parental guidance is advised for this one as it could damage your hearing and create psychological problems for life if played more than once - OMFG !
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September 22nd, 2010
Ok, aside from the first and most obvious question, how the hell do you get two camels into a car? there is also the question of Why? Hmm.. More fun than a barrel of monkeys? Maybe, I haven't seen that video
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October 22nd, 2010
Matt Damon is a Muppet, but this film was watchable, except for the ‘WTF’ moment when he sends the cute news journalist an email at the end. The good news is that the movie with this scene explained will be out on the ‘Directors Cut’ DVD release, it must be.
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