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King Of The Choppers
May 10th, 2011 
Just when you think everything is going to be alright, he takes the tumble you were expecting from the start. That's what you get for having that paint job fool.
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June 29th, 2012
We're not sure what these two old ladies are mad about, but they're definitely speaking their minds. While the language is very NSFW, there's also something adorable about it.
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April 6th, 2012
Well, for a start we wouldn’t be here because we need them to help the species keep on keeping on. But, that little note aside, we also need them to do silly stuff so we can look and laugh and think how endearing they are.
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February 19th, 2010
This cocktail isn't so much a drink as a meal. And a not very appetising meal at that. It's like a weird hybrid caught halfway between a food and a drink. A strange unholy mutant never intended for mass production. Still, Alie's hot.
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September 3rd, 2012
All these different types of rape, it’s enough to confuse any decent Republican (if there were any). So maybe this can help clarify the condition of Sexually Liberated Uterine Tendencies (SLUT). If you suffer from it, maybe this treatment can help.
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July 1st, 2008
Some people really get off on making cute chicks freaking completely out - This example is totally surreal - Japanese reality entertainment really scrapes the bottom of the barrel with this one - WTF ?!
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November 25th, 2014
You probably don’t need it put into perspective how annoying Facebook’s constant updating of their privacy settings and template changes are. But if Facebook did exist in some kind of augmented reality world, this is how aggravating it would be. Grrrrrr!
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February 17th, 2011
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, so trying to tell a teacher his latest trick is insane will be futile. He jumps off a 40 ft platform into a baby pool filled with less than 12 inches of water. Might as well scare some people right?
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December 12th, 2012
What has been heard can never be unheard! This professor can't get angry because he can't stop laughing at this guy. I dread this happening to me every time i fall asleep after lunch at work.
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March 21st, 2011
Come on dude, you can't expect to go rushing into things with a pure young Ladie such as this, these situations call for patience, finess, some understanding, she may need some time... NOT!!
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March 13th, 2012
This has 'EPIC FAIL!' written all over it even before it begins. You have to be impressed with the size of the hill this kids try and do this down. It's enormous. And the results are an enormous fail.
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