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Lara Soft
April 23rd, 2010 
Looks like she may soon be losing the battle against the evil forces of diabetus. Oh man i laughed so hard when i saw the full picture. Harsh but funny.
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August 26th, 2011
Dogs can have a ridiculous amount of fun sticking their heads of of a moving car, and it seems so can Falcor from the Never Ending Story. This is pretty much how they done the flying scenes for that movie.
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July 18th, 2008
It's nice to see identical twin hotties dressing the same on a big night out - But it's even better to see that they haven't checked each other out and failed to notice a 'lack of underwear' issue :)
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August 2nd, 2011
Fed up with boring classes where you don't seem to learn anything, well now here is something that can definitely forward your education and help protect you from the school bullies. It's a shame this project won't get you good grades though!
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February 5th, 2010
Personally, I'd more expect blade to get some better results but I guess Buffy is easier on the eye.
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July 31st, 2010
Jay-Z’s life problems probably relate to his record label, or if the next festival he’s playing at will provide the correct towels for his dressing room. But never did he think it would link to the intergalactic heights of Star Trek.
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November 11th, 2010
Hitler is referenced so much they really should start using this scale in politics. Early adopters could possibly be Glenn Beck as everything on that show is already compared to the Nazi’s anyhow.
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April 11th, 2011
Just remember the next time you get into trouble at the beach there is sure to be some help at hand. Just make sure that whatever peril you are in happens as the sun gets lower otherwise you'll just get a crab!
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July 10th, 2012
Could you just imaging the price tag if Apple ever got round to building one of these beauties. it would be so expensive that even Tony Stark would have to think twice before buying one. Plus, you'd have to replace SIRI asap.
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April 8th, 2009
For those of you on the right, please look left. Oh man can you even imagine if you were scarred of flying and seeing this right before take off. Brick city.
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January 24th, 2011
Somehow i don't think this dude wants to get back what was taken from him, in fact, if he had the chance i reckon he'd lose it all over again - Lets just hope that it's not a one-off event!?
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