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Liquid Nitrogen Accidental Explosion
January 19th, 2012 
Talk about wanting to see your fingers get blown off in all directions! You might think nobody could be dumb enough to pour liquid nitrogen into a bottle, seal it, and then pick it up, but you would be wrong. There's always someone dumb enough to try it i guess?
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June 14th, 2013
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March 4th, 2008
It's a bit difficult to tell whether this is jail or the ghetto when all 600 inmates break into 'Crank Dat' - It gets even weirder when they then move onto MC Hammer - Still, definitely beats getting ass-raped :(
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March 26th, 2009
If only the seven dwarf and Daft punk could have been around in the same era. They could have done this awesome collaboration them selves and made a total killing.
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December 5th, 2013
It the simple things that bring the most LOLZ - Cats think they are so smart, but sometimes, the humans win. Sometimes, we win... We don't get freaked out by sticky tape do we.
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November 1st, 2012
Tips for all budding speed cops out there, NEVER stop a physics student for speeding - It looks like it's going to be an A on his thesis, "Getting Out Of A Traffic Ticket Using Physics."
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May 6th, 2013
You normally only see this kind of thing in the movies, but these two kids outrun the cops in a Ford GT. Lucky them, but filming the whole thing and posting to the interwebs might not be wise - I hope this didn't come back to haunt them
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April 22nd, 2013
I reckon that Kylie probably sets everything she touches on fire. Seriously, she should probably carry an extinguisher with her at all times just to be on the safe side.. This is an awesome hot video clip that comes with a government health warning.
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November 19th, 2010
Has this man got no respect for other people's property? Riding around on his bike, all over the place, with no regard for buildings and ancient castle walls, jumping on phone boxes & landing on patches of grass that have been well kempt. It's an outrage.
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September 16th, 2010
You see them everywhere, wide eyed crazy guys running around in pink shoes, jabbering away to themselves and shouting out random numbers. So just imagine how annoying it would be if they were armed with a megaphone!
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October 16th, 2007
This time around he's doing his weekly shop in the local supermarket and everything's going wrong - This is some of the funniest sh#t i have ever seen :)
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