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Liquid Nitrogen Accidental Explosion
January 19th, 2012 
Talk about wanting to see your fingers get blown off in all directions! You might think nobody could be dumb enough to pour liquid nitrogen into a bottle, seal it, and then pick it up, but you would be wrong. There's always someone dumb enough to try it i guess?
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January 21st, 2013
These people are displaying some fucked up logic. Ordinarily when you come across a freaky looking insect that will haunt your dreams for many years to come, you give it a wide berth - What you don’t do is put it on your face like these crazy mofos.
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October 28th, 2009
Now that's a video I would pay to see, what I mean is that Sexy CamGirl Dahlia has herself done up as Emma Frost for Halloween, and there is nothing frosty about Dahlia I can assure you.
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August 2nd, 2012
A bunch of kids are taken out to a cotton field and told to go pick some cotton all day long in the summer heat. Which is pretty much as about insulting as it gets for African-Americans. Sit back and be entertained while this guy recounts the story. Epic LOLZ.
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April 26th, 2011
Could a pair of jeans beat you in an arm wrestle? Probably. Could a ginger kid on a scooter get more chicks than you? Definitely! The jeans show they could definitely have your dad in a fight. And remember, chicks dig heros!
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November 4th, 2014
Sometimes your job gets you down and you need to take a break - This guy obviously couldn't be bothered to do any more work so he deployed his parachute on the DL and got a free one way ticket out of there.
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August 24th, 2011
There's probably nothing more difficult or embarrassing than dealing with an uncooperative trouser snake in public. How would you handle this situation when there is NO way you can leave the stage anytime soon?
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December 20th, 2010
A compilation of some of the best & painful accidents all centered around the festive season - As long as it's not happening to you then it's ok to laugh - LOL
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June 7th, 2013
Chelsea Abingdon Welch makes luxury designer watches for adventurous, high-flying women. At the age of just 19 she went about setting up her own business, she also runs a group that supports and celebrates female stunt pilots.
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March 9th, 2011
BOOM….WINNING! There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s bent on total annihilation of anyone who stands in his way, if you want your foe to meet with a death of one thousand suns then Mr. Sheen could be your wingman.
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February 16th, 2012
These people have got rhythm, the type that you can’t really learn but that you’re born with, blessed by Terpsichore, the goddess of dance. Diplo has shared it with us via this special video, featuring these very, very special people. Weird.
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