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Love Sucks
December 8th, 2011 
When it comes to dating the fairer sex i reckon pretty much anyone out there can agree with this sad state of affairs. All that is left to figure out is where exactly you fit into the equation. Just hope you are a cat.
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May 11th, 2009
It doesn't matter how many times you play it over in your mind the outcome is gonna be the same - OUCH !
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April 29th, 2010
For once a demotivational contains good advice although Chuck Norris is more likely to preach to you, than fuck you up in anyway.
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February 12th, 2010
With the Weekend upon us and the knowledge that so many of us have that never ending To-Do list of chores around the house, we thought Sexy Miss Nyli here could offer up some inspiation to get off that couch and get to work. Feeling inspired?
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January 6th, 2009
She hails from an olde market town in merry olde Englande! What a buxom wench she is & she's not afraid of getting her maidens out, with a career that has trodden the familiar glamour girl
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August 30th, 2013
Getting out of a swimming pool looks so graceful and elegant in the media. In real life though, it has more of an ungainly dragging motion to it...
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August 16th, 2011
WOW, it's good to meet someone with the same occupation as myself and this mans a real pro. Louis CK, Comedian and fapper extraordinaire takes on a godfag in his new show "Louis"
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December 5th, 2013
I always do this with any present I give. Not sure if it's because I am a grinch or just because I find bodily functions to be the height of comedic brilliance...
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July 29th, 2013
If you saw this thing pop out of the window of the car in front at the drive through you could be forgiven for turning around, going home and eating broccoli for dinner.
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January 14th, 2011
When you head for a bite to eat, you don't expect to be confronted with questions regarding the length of your manhood. But that's what the world's come to these days. So what is it: 6 or 9 inches? She looks like she's ready for a foot long.
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December 3rd, 2012
Imagine my surprise and dismay when, with hot toast in hand I reached for the butter, opened it and saw what I can only describe as a "Whopper" staring back at me.
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