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Lucky Feet-First Escape From Jeep
May 19th, 2011 
This dude lands on his feet and walks away from his jeep's crash like he's a BOSS and it ain't no big thang. Later on though, he'll be washing the pee out of his pants like it ain't no thang either.
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December 6th, 2011
This should be a clear sign that this chick is going to remain single for the rest of her life. God clearly doesn't want her to marry. The sound that she makes as she goes down is epic.
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May 20th, 2011
Time to witness the BOSS of the insect world, fire and explosions don't bother him as he narrowly avoids being exploded to bits. Soooo.... next time, try a flyswatter? Much more effective!
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December 28th, 2012
I'm not sure what any of this has to do with whales, but one thing's for sure, this kid sure knows how to work a crowd. The smart money says he'll either grow up to be a performer or a dictator.
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April 17th, 2008
Ok! This is serious stuff, the cute Heroes star talks frankly about sexual harassment in the workplace and how it affects her - The weird thing is i think she really enjoys it - OMG!!
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June 15th, 2010
Secret empires, the Military Complex, The Bilderberg Group – where the current British PM David Cameron was a guest in 2009. What it’s all about, aye? It must have something to do with the low fat yoghurt conspiracy…WTF!?!
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October 3rd, 2011
Forget the Simpsons where Bart rings up Moe in the Simpsons, this is REAL. Imagine being in that court room and hearing this go down in real life. I wouldn't be able to hold back the laughter.
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April 14th, 2010
Kesha thinks she is so crazy going out partying all the time, but she needs to think what it's doing to her family, let alone her liver.
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June 5th, 2009
I never thought i would say this phrase for real but this beauty really should have gone to specsavers. Oh well one mans loss is another mans gain.
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June 27th, 2012
You have to question what made him try this in the first place (ok, so it was probably $$$) Multiple camera views catch a driver overshooting a 100+ foot jump and landing on the front of his car.
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April 1st, 2011
Turn the 'Homie' dial down to zero & start worrying kid! Don't panic, your dad's the kind of guy who owns an AK-47. That means he'll 'probably' be very understanding about the destruction & you'll be able to sit down and discuss this like adults :(
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