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Lucky Feet-First Escape From Jeep
May 19th, 2011 
This dude lands on his feet and walks away from his jeep's crash like he's a BOSS and it ain't no big thang. Later on though, he'll be washing the pee out of his pants like it ain't no thang either.
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April 2nd, 2014
If you were wondering what the Oculus Facebook hook up might result in, these guys have totally nailed it in this video—sure Facebook might say they’re not going to interfere with Oculus but you just know thats a lie.
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February 11th, 2011
I am going to defend this woman by suggesting that you give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she thought she was reaching into her back pocket for M&M's.
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March 11th, 2011
If this guy doesn't get a callback then there's something wrong with the planet & whole casting process in general. Not only is he one of the largest human beings I've ever laid eyes on but he's also bloody funny . HIRE HIM!
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March 25th, 2009
This video installment features the fine flock of FOUNDRY CAMS girls moving their bodies sensually to "Slipslide" by The LADIES OF SPORT. It's a nice change of pace to see the girls in a more mellow setting with a soothing soundtrack.
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September 27th, 2010
Sometimes things can become strained in a relationship, like when one of you doesn't appreciate the selection of dips you've been served. And in those situations it's imperative you both act like adults. Adults that are in a kung-fu movie.
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February 19th, 2010
This cocktail isn't so much a drink as a meal. And a not very appetising meal at that. It's like a weird hybrid caught halfway between a food and a drink. A strange unholy mutant never intended for mass production. Still, Alie's hot.
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November 25th, 2010
If you ever thought paper cuts or the potential of a jammed finger in a drawer were potential hazards at work then this kind of job is not for you - How in the hell does the shark manage to get inside the protective cage - OMG!
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March 25th, 2013
It’s become a tradition now that every time Justin Timberlake appears on the Jimmy Fallon show they break into an amazing rap repository renaissance. You’ll want to bow down and kiss the ground they breakdance on. Strangely epic.
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August 2nd, 2012
A bunch of kids are taken out to a cotton field and told to go pick some cotton all day long in the summer heat. Which is pretty much as about insulting as it gets for African-Americans. Sit back and be entertained while this guy recounts the story. Epic LOLZ.
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March 23rd, 2012
I can't tell whether her arm broke or if it was just dislocated but I do know that arms aren't suppose to bend that way. I guess those are the 'breaks'? Why is that guy in the background laughing?
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