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MLP Paintjob
January 5th, 2012 
So you've just bought yourself a sweet ride. What's your next step? Bucket seats? Furry dice on the mirror? NO! Paint a giant My Little Pony on the door of course. Chick totally dig guys who like My Little Pony.
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September 12th, 2012
The best part is that the news that your document has just been f#cked sideways is delivered to you by an irritating personified paperclip. Evil genius.
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January 6th, 2012
It's the nightmare scenario that every male dreads to find himself in. You can approach the friend zone and still make it out, but once you are this far in, you're pretty much there for good.
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February 29th, 2012
Just remember; chicks dig pokemon just as much as you do so if you want to do well with the ladies, pepper every sentance you mumble with as many pokemon references as you can!
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June 5th, 2012
So that's Nikki Minaj on the left and a Troll on the right. Personally I don't think they even look remotely similar. The only similarity is that I wouldn't want to see either one nekkid...
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October 17th, 2008
The 'free hugs' people can get very annoying...but you would definitely take this girl up on her offer :)
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August 28th, 2010
It’s both a curse and a blessing. You get to lie in, not have to put up with nauseating or annoying colleagues. You don’t have the boss breathing down your neck, and you can check you emails in your underwear. But there’s a dark side too…
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April 15th, 2010
How and why do people figure out this stuff? I'll never look at LG the same way again. Maybe Pacman is a real person and owns LG. Stranger things have happened, Tron!
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December 18th, 2012
Everybody likes playing on swings. Even bad guys in cowls and cool evil looking helmets. After this they're off to the see-saw for even more fun!
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January 12th, 2011
If you want to see a lack of self-respect distilled into an image, look no further. And if you want to see the full horror in the living flesh and blood, walking around like a fat sack of low self-esteem then just head to your nearest Walmart.
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December 15th, 2011
You might think that recreating the iconic helm from Skyrim using only bacon would have been done already. Not so. You might also think that microwaving foil is a bad idea. Who cares when you are BACONBORN! Warning, will not protect knees from arrows.
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