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MLP Paintjob
January 5th, 2012 
So you've just bought yourself a sweet ride. What's your next step? Bucket seats? Furry dice on the mirror? NO! Paint a giant My Little Pony on the door of course. Chick totally dig guys who like My Little Pony.
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April 6th, 2011
Pfft. You can't take Tiger Woods anywhere nowadays, leave him alone for 5 minutes and he's back to doing what he does best, and in this case it certainly aint golf!
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January 13th, 2010
I just can't see it, however hard i stare i just can't see any hair ANYWHERE, i'm guessing that my vision is being deflected by some of the other beautiful distractions.
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March 4th, 2010
Cute with perky little tatas and a nicely shaped butt. We would make sweet sweet love until we were spent. She would then make me a nice sandwich and then she could watch me browse the internet for a while.
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July 10th, 2009
This Latino lovely is a Cuban Marxist revolutionary wanted as an opponent to global capitalism, imperialism and bad pizza. Maybe. Or she could be a gorgeous model & actress.
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August 3rd, 2009
It still remains (for some) as the best game ever invented .......PERIOD!
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January 14th, 2009
It's pretty plain to see why this Playboy babe & pin-up model from California is so popular, she's got great hair - You can't really miss them & if you do then you must be blind.
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December 28th, 2011
Something tells me that Kevin isn't exactly the life and soul of the party and might have issues. But who cares about kevin, what about the chick that doesnt like the movie Super Troopers! It's a great movie. Biatch.
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February 9th, 2009
These tasty birds are soaking up some good vibes after a hard day - remember, there's nothing like a Jacuzzi with friends to unwind - LMAO!
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August 23rd, 2010
To be honest if I saw this hot college babe I'm sure my mouth and tongue would do the same thing as her best buddy is doing - It's just a shame she comes with a friend who looks just like jaba the hut - Grotesque!
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February 20th, 2009
Dark & moody Bulgarian beauty! She's appeared on the cover of the Bulgarian Maxim which is where these pics come from, yep, who would've thought that Bulgaria had its own Maxim
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