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Master Finger Painter
January 11th, 2012 
You might think that finger painting is just for kids, but this guy has made a career out of it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that he's the best finger painter you will see today. Fact.
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December 20th, 2010
Everybody knows that wrestling is a total joke but when you jumo from about 15 feet to miss the body slam you really do have to be a complete bozo. Damn man he must have been so winded after this.
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August 10th, 2011
In 38 seconds this dude goes from completely bald to a very full head of hair. Every time you think he can't possibly have any more hair, bam...more hair.
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October 27th, 2010
Some things need no explanation, all that is required is a visual stimulus that will hypnotize you for hours and not require the use of words to define it - This is one of those times :)
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November 30th, 2010
For any men out there this is tortuous viewing, but as well as the pain there's also the embarrassment of explaining what's happened to your parents and the nurses at the hospital. So remember if you have braces, no steak and no BJs. LOL
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July 8th, 2011
This clever poodle knew what it wanted right from the start and then it seized upon its opportunity, next thing your know, there's some unwilling interspecies action occuring. Can you file a harassment charge against a dog?
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April 11th, 2010
Well, when you charter a dump truck to get to the game, you've got to expect to get dumped. I wonder how many of these fans actually made it to the game, i wonder how many just stayed where they were and got 'trashed'?
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August 17th, 2012
After landing that rover on Mars NASA are once again heroes in the public’s eyes, so what better way to celebrate them then by making a rap song. Hopefully Obama will hear this rap and give them loads of money so we can all go and live in space.
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May 27th, 2009
It certainly is good to know that you can go into this store and purchase furniture no matter what ethnic bad ground you have. Wow the world really has gone a long way.......
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February 5th, 2010
A compilation of very funny ads showing you just some of the reasons why you need to tidy up your living space.
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January 18th, 2011
Magicians get pissed when you show how they do these tricks, which just makes it that much more fun to show you. So if you've ever wanted to know how they do those stupid tricks, well here you go
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