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Micro Thong
January 28th, 2010 
Imagine if this was your daughter and you knew she wore thongs that were this small. Well good thing is she isnt so we can enjoy it ourselves, buzzing.
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January 24th, 2012
Months of blood, sweat & tears went into this restoration, but it's all good. You get to do it all again! Being a crane driver must be one of the most stressful jobs around. If it goes wrong you look like a total idiot and it costs loads of money.
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July 29th, 2011
He's fat. And he's crying like a baby. Those two simple things make for a whole lot of awesome; if this guy was your buddy you'd have him doing this 24/7 and at every bar you drunk at. Somebody get that poor kid something.
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June 4th, 2014
No doubt you were busy in May, busy watching other types of videos so you may’ve missed out on the many, many videos uploaded that show people hurting themselves or just acting like idiots. That’s where Fail Army has got your back.
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March 18th, 2008
A mad mix of robotics and rubber glove fetish has made this housewife The Priceless One!!
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July 30th, 2012
Here's a video of some people who sorted 100 boxes full of legos in 71 hours. Luckily they were nice enough to time lapse it for us.Good luck watching this. Hopefully your brain doesn't nearly explode like ours did.
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September 23rd, 2008
Sometimes you just need to cut the crap and look at life for what it really is - Stripping away the layers and seeing what lies beneath can be very insightful - Or funny as hell - LOL !
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December 7th, 2010
Maybe it's a metaphor for her Democrat opponents or president Obama, maybe it's her own political career, roaming free & wild until she shoots herself (probably in the foot) with r-tarded comments that make George Bush sound like King f#cking Solomon!
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March 25th, 2009
Hahahaha this cat has skills that no other cat in the world will have. When you stroke, poke it make the omnomnom sound it is what the internet has been waiting for, he'll probably get his own show.
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July 16th, 2012
Would you donate to this man? He’s got a clever way of getting money off people, his causes are spot on, raising more ammunition for child soldiers in Uganda, stopping women’s periods and…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
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June 12th, 2009
Something tells me this isnt the first time this guy has been with some dirty chick. Obviously his wiener has had enough and feels the need to speak out. I think she is hot though!
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