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Misguided Mentos Ad
October 13th, 2010 
Wake up in a bathtub full of water, in a disused, grubby bathroom with a sadistic killer out to kill you? Don't panic, or scream with horror at the fact you may have to saw your own arm off to escape, just chew on a Mentos and forget all about it
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April 25th, 2014
Proof that being a pop star is a dangerous business. During a music video shoot, the lead singer of this band gets brained by a ceiling fan. I have to say, their new sound is just as painful as the old one.
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July 4th, 2008
Sometimes working relationships can get very strained - The guy in the suit should never have said that pink isn’t a good color to wear in front of the camera - OMG !
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December 4th, 2012
The painful truth that the little guy doesn't always win - Just a wild guess but it seems like that kid has been held back a few years. Well at least the normal sized kid gave it his best shot.
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March 11th, 2009
Did you ever wonder why they dont make intoxicating body sprays for women like they do for men? Well they are now and you wont be able to resist their powers.
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September 1st, 2009
This has to be one of the most shocking videos i have ever watched in the internet and you dont even get to see what happens really. Be prepared to hide you eyes after this one.
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September 12th, 2012
If you are going to have a life skill that people will be impressed by then this is the one you'll want - This is probably the hottest video we have ever put on the site. She is bound to go far off the "back" of this.
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January 16th, 2012
If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad then shame on you and your family. If you have seen it then you’ll know how breaking badass it is, as the dynamic duo, Jesse Pinkman & Walter H. White, go from bad to worse, and then back again.
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April 11th, 2010
Well, when you charter a dump truck to get to the game, you've got to expect to get dumped. I wonder how many of these fans actually made it to the game, i wonder how many just stayed where they were and got 'trashed'?
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July 18th, 2008
There is something about the combination of chicks and cars that make guys do some stupid things in their vehicles - This is a crazy collection of dudes going all out to impress the ladies - 'FAIL' is a word i would use here :)
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February 25th, 2010
Ever found yourself wishing that you were a piece of ladies underware?.. Nevermind best not answer that. Well lets just say it would be pure heaven to spend a day or three being the white bra that incredible Mia is wearing in this video. Epic Mams!
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