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Miss Fatty?
September 26th, 2011 
I don't really think so, do you? Either this chick is fishing for complements or she is seriously disillusion because she is anything but a fatty in fact she is positively smoking.
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That saves me. Thanks for being so snesible!
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October 12th, 2012
Whoah. This PSA is stepping it up to the next level, educating the masses on the benefits of learning CPR, it features hordes of the undead chasing down a woman, then resuscitating her when she has a cardiac arrest. Weird.
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July 24th, 2012
It's probably time to start considering a career change when you're down to robbing internet cafes and failing because a 71 year old man gets in your way. Both robbers were shot, hospitalized, arrested, then let go on bail.
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August 6th, 2012
On August 1st, at 5:00pm every year, the city of Warsaw comes to a complete standstill in remembrance of 200,000 citizens who died standing up to a German invasion of the capital of Poland.
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July 17th, 2008
It might have seen like a good idea at the time to hold up a pizza store with a gun and demand the cash, maybe because the dudes working there wore gay pink shirts and wouldn't put up a fight - Wrong - FAIL !!!
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April 15th, 2008
Carrying on from the 2 girls in a bikini video that was doing the rounds a while back comes the latest offering from 2 chicks who after a large amount of alchol obviously decided they could do a much better job - OH DEAR :)
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April 13th, 2011
Can you imagine how much this would have hurt? But seriously what an idiot, what did she think was going to happen. Running into someone at full steam. Someone call a medic because this chick has brain damage (before she had an accident)
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December 6th, 2011
Some chicks are excited by the most unusual things - Without trying to give this a paedo vibe, this is probably the series of sounds her next door neighbors will here in about 5-10 years time - WTF?
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November 10th, 2010
Two guys and an excavator destroy an entire port in Brazil. The worst part is no one can complain because everyone thought it was a good idea to look on Craigslist for cheap movers.
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June 30th, 2010
It's a case of 'too little' is not enough & 'too much' is too much! This kid just gave 110% on that flip. Unfortunately, the extra 10% was the over-rotation. And there for having him land on his face, ouch!
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January 21st, 2009
Who would have thought "My Super Sweet 16" would have such a long lasting effect on these peoples lives. I know MTV said that it would be surely that was just hype talk to big the show up.
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