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Miss Fatty?
September 26th, 2011 
I don't really think so, do you? Either this chick is fishing for complements or she is seriously disillusion because she is anything but a fatty in fact she is positively smoking.
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That saves me. Thanks for being so snesible!
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November 18th, 2010
Kids these days, nothing to do but risk life & limb climbing out onto a metal girder THOUSANDS of feet up in the air. What happened to good old fashioned drugs? There are better and more safer ways of getting high, don't they know that?
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November 9th, 2010
Someone forgot to tell al-Qu'eda that you're supposed to let cats out of bags, not put them in boxes - Good job they didn't blow ther suspicious package up - I bet they felt like a bunch of pussies after the package was 'cat'alogued as safe - Idiots!
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October 7th, 2013
Have they totally lost their minds? Surely they know they need to have no clothes on for this stunt to work. They have forgotten the most obvious of things.
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November 16th, 2007
Messing with quicksand is a dangerous business - Never mess with it unless you are prepared to take the plunge!!! However, this cute chick seems to be enjoying the whole experience a little bit too much - WTF ?
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July 24th, 2008
Every time i hear this song i gag and taste sick in the back of my mouth - that was until i heard this version of the annoying tune - This is SO creepy it sorta makes sense to me what is really going on here - GENIUS !
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May 2nd, 2014
There are buzzer shots and then there are buzzer shots. This one is a buzzer shot. It's very simple really. This shot is so amazing that even the guy who made it, Armands Šķēle, can't believe it's happened -- it's one of those shots that you do without thinking.
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October 13th, 2011
It's an epic battle of man & machine vs garden pest. After getting stung 6 times in one sitting last year, this guy comes up with an ingenious way of getting rid of a wasp nest. This time it's personal.
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January 29th, 2009
"One day I opened my nightstand and realized that it sounded exactly like Chewbacca. I hope Darth Vader doesn't break into my apartment with a can of WD-40." When this starts to happen you know you've watch starwars too much
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November 23rd, 2007
If only it was this easy LOL ! - C'Mon and get yours SUPERSIZED today !!!
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November 22nd, 2007
Any girl who wears a tee-shirt saying 'Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?' is worth of closer inspection ....... Much closer!!!
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