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Miss Fatty?
September 26th, 2011 
I don't really think so, do you? Either this chick is fishing for complements or she is seriously disillusion because she is anything but a fatty in fact she is positively smoking.
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That saves me. Thanks for being so snesible!
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March 5th, 2014
We all know women can't drive, but apparently they're not that great at flying either. I'm guessing that she was either a blonde, or that the remaining people in the balloon decided that she continue the journey on foot?
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January 12th, 2012
It’s hard to even look into the mournful eyes of this pasta munching feline without being filled head to toe with emphatic sorrow. It’s like the Swamp of Sadness from The Neverending Story.
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September 27th, 2011
Star Wars comes out on blue-ray to make sure George Lucas doesn’t go longer than about two years before making some money off some films he made over 30 years ago. Featuring Darth Vader saying “no” a lot.
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October 12th, 2011
Apparently, Saudis go through cars like Americans go through Big Macs, with reckless abandon and no regard for the consequences. I guess if you are richer than everyone else on the planet then theres no reason to wastes a few hundred thousand dollars?
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November 23rd, 2011
Time to witnes a test fire of an awesome portable missle launcher in Afghanistan. The firepower of this weapon is frightening, i'd hate to be on the business end of this missile as it struck!?
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July 29th, 2014
Dom Mazzetti schools us all in how to take your shirt off—sure you may think you know how to do such a thing, but trust me, you don’t. Which is where Dom comes in, enlightening us all in how to remove your top in the most bro way possible.
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March 13th, 2010
When i buy my mustang if my son even picks up the keys he will be dicing with death because if he even thinks about driving it i will kill him - This kid is gonna be grounded for LIFE!!
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July 27th, 2010
Remember, ALWAYS check your insurance is up to date - Seconds before this brand-new CF-18 crashed into the ground and exploded, its pilot ejected to safety. Man, people are brutal on rentals.
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December 14th, 2010
There certainly are some lonely people out there, and this guy must rank as one of the loneliest. He's getting excited about kissing an image of a woman on his iPad. Way to go buddy, you scored. With a chick that doesn't exist.
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October 21st, 2013
Poor kid. Nothing ruins fun faster than being interrupted with breakfast...again. He deals with it pretty well though and just eats it again. Second breakfast tastes just as good - UGH!
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