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Mystery Dog Rescued At Sea
January 13th, 2012 
This guy was out fishing about half a mile out in the ocean and this dog came swimming up to him. It was obviously in distress and was later discovered to be the victim of a car accident. How the hell did it get there though?
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January 26th, 2009
Sometimes the sight of a cute chick licking an ice cream invokes all sorts of mental imagery inside your head - Just makes sure that those thoughts are pure or you will pay the price - LOL!
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March 29th, 2013
If you’ve been waiting a huge amount of time for this title, be still your geeking heart because it’s nearly here. To whet your appetite and your pants some more, check out this trailer set to Total Eclipse of the Heart - it’s about to get real epic.
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May 22nd, 2012
Some people believe that obstacles are put there for us to overcome - Others believe they are there for a reason. This is a pretty stupid idea to begin with but getting injured doing something this stupid has got to hurt twice as much as normal.
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July 2nd, 2014
No matter how much your job sucks there's always someone out there who's got it worse than you. Take this guy for instance. He has to massage bikini models all day AND they expect him to come in and work weekends too! Poor guy.
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July 3rd, 2008
This is how soccer should be played, appreciating skillz for what they are and not because the player gets $10 squillion a game - This dude scores the most awesome goals wherever he goes and you can't help but feel the excitement - AWESOME !
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March 27th, 2008
A prolonged webcam girl career is definitely not good for health - Is this the chick from all those strange countdown banners - WTF ?!
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November 6th, 2009
I hate to lol but hahahahaha. What a dopey fat trout. I love the response from the other contestants and the presenter they seem really concerned for her.
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December 10th, 2012
You have to love live TV - This news crew get it a little wrong when they think they're found a big story. Shame it was just a TV show getting filmed though, better luck next time.
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April 5th, 2012
Everybody has to start somewhere, i guess? Rapping is hard. Being a Juggalo is hard. Rapping, rocking, and being a Juggalo? That takes years of experience. This kid doesn't have it yet, but his dream could come true someday...
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February 19th, 2008
If all that is stopping you getting lucky with a cute girl is just 3 little words how low would you sink to get what you wanted? Even if the girl in question was deaf - OMG :(
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