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Mystery Dog Rescued At Sea
January 13th, 2012 
This guy was out fishing about half a mile out in the ocean and this dog came swimming up to him. It was obviously in distress and was later discovered to be the victim of a car accident. How the hell did it get there though?
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May 29th, 2013
All those ego-maniacal humans hogging all the limelight when it comes to those being awesome compilations on YouTube. Well enough is enough! It’s time for the animal kingdom to get its own version, because animals are awesome too, you know?
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January 8th, 2013
Somebody get this little brother an agent. The sister can't dance but the little dude pulls off a great video bomb. He's got some pretty sweet moves too, maybe he should be the one in the dance team?
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February 17th, 2009
Chippendanes are pretty bloody disgusting but getting little kids to do it is even worse. Unless your a paedo or a really proud parent then your a weirdo if you like this.
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August 5th, 2013
I really gotta get me one of these babies, their power is beyond awesome when it comes to bad drivers.....This magical horn may cause drivers to forsake everything to get out of your way! With epic consequences.
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August 19th, 2013
We've seen a few superheros in our time but surely this one has to be the best. He has absolutely no powers other than the ability to touch women's breasts. We should all move to Poland!
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February 16th, 2011
And now for a lesson in how NOT to be a hit with the chicks! This dude comes up with a great way to meet girls, then screws it up by talking on the phone the entire time. Better luck next time dufus!
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December 8th, 2010
Behold! 1000 years of cartographical history condensed into a 5 minute video. Watch in raptured awe as borders move and countries rise, fall and change hands. Then realise you're not a geography teacher and don't really care.
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June 2nd, 2011
Very cool first and third person perspective of Jed Mildon pulling off the world's first BMX triple backflip. You know he has some balls to try this. Even Eliot and ET didn't get enough air time or have enough cahoners to do this trick.
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August 4th, 2010
While I gently weep & covet the girl because my guitar's getting all the attention & not me...Well they do say the axe is a powerful and alluring instrument - This girl's just leading it on though, I've seen the way she looks at the drum kit!
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August 2nd, 2013
Why are people so impatient at level crossings? Surely they must know that they are dicing with death when they run them. We lets just say this one ends amusingly. Still, better safe than sorry!
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