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Mystery Dog Rescued At Sea
January 13th, 2012 
This guy was out fishing about half a mile out in the ocean and this dog came swimming up to him. It was obviously in distress and was later discovered to be the victim of a car accident. How the hell did it get there though?
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July 29th, 2009
What's this!? Somebody call Mulder and Scully because this footage shows a UFO hovering over a tourist hotspot in London.
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February 8th, 2012
There's riding a motorcycle & then there is INSANITY! This is how you would race if you were playing 'The Need For Speed', but probably not in real life. The craziest part: he's wearing open toe sandals. WTF!?!
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November 8th, 2010
It doesn’t bear thinking about, it’s always gonna be there, right? Getting bigger, better and faster every day, with more wonders to behold….. But what, yes, WHAT the hell would you do if you didn’t have the chance to log-in and tune out?
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July 14th, 2014
This dude needs some lessons on romancing. Quick! Holy crap this chick is totally smoking and her bozo ass boyfriend throws pee on her then 2 full bags of flour. Listen baby you should go out with me instead.
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March 19th, 2014
Guys, if you are gonna do a lip-synch video make sure you have one of these...A GIRL. If you watch this close enough you'll notice there are actually three people lip syncing in the clip.
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October 7th, 2014
Times have hit the Russian army really hard so they now have to train with pneumatic drills instead of AK-47's. God knows what they would go to war with these days. it's like a warped Call of Duty - Russian-stylee.
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March 18th, 2009
All those years trying to pretend that he can fit in with the rest of the middle class reporters, then BAM!!! One little fly in the eye and all his good work is ruined. LOL!!!
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December 3rd, 2007
Old people are fun, they've been around forever and seen just about everything...........Well, almost everything - LOL !
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April 5th, 2012
Everybody has to start somewhere, i guess? Rapping is hard. Being a Juggalo is hard. Rapping, rocking, and being a Juggalo? That takes years of experience. This kid doesn't have it yet, but his dream could come true someday...
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November 18th, 2010
This is utterly mental - Jumping over a quiet road looks radical enough, but if you add a 16 wheeler that suddenly appears into the equation it becomes insanity - I wonder if the guy really became a hood ornament - OMFG!
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