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Mystery Dog Rescued At Sea
January 13th, 2012 
This guy was out fishing about half a mile out in the ocean and this dog came swimming up to him. It was obviously in distress and was later discovered to be the victim of a car accident. How the hell did it get there though?
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February 24th, 2009
Now this is actually cool. Think of all the complete retards going around wearing "Free Hugs", i bet rob here has kicked all their stupid asses and thats why all these people are giving him five. BOOM!!!!
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August 5th, 2011
Normally, this amount of self-indulgence in a song is a complete turn-off, but the way this cat opens up and bares his soul to the world... Well, this'll be the realest song this cat ever wrote.
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December 17th, 2010
After 5 long years of waiting Adolf isn't happy at all about the way GT 5 has turned out. The Damage Model isn't up to his high standards and including Nascar for American's that can't master cornering works him into his usual rage. LOLage ensuse!
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December 18th, 2012
As the countdown begins to the end of the world, don't let that put you off kissing that cute girl/boy/zombie you've secretly been in love with and max'ing' out your credit cards as you try anything to laid. See, it isn't all bad news!
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November 8th, 2011
Nick Pitera is a talented guy (?) - When he sings the theme tune from Disney's Aladdin you think to yourself, ok, so he's talented, so what! Hang around for when the female part kicks in and prepare to fight back chunks - WTF?
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November 30th, 2007
Just in case you thought the Bible was lame and Jesus was a boring wuss - Think again dude! He was one bad-ass homie, nailed down in his prime - Respect!
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October 18th, 2011
Probabaly not the best way for a boat to make it's maiden voyage as it sinks Immediately. It looks like it's time for a rethink on design. The stupid boat was too ugly too sail anyway.
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March 15th, 2012
The unstoppable, Kony 2012 video, which has highlighted the plight of African child soldiering like never before, but is it good, bad, painfully oversimplified, or praiseworthy for going viral without boobs or cats?
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November 3rd, 2010
This thing looks like it would give way if a mouse tried to walk across it. Although, It's slightly safer than the giant catapult they used to use to cross the river back in the old days, like a couple of years ago.
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March 30th, 2011
One day in the future there will be coin boxes in the street and all you have to do is punch them to get some loot, it'll abolish homelessness. Video games will be the cure of world poverty. Honest.
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