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Naughty Geek Babe
August 27th, 2009 
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the following cutie is a bonafide geek, but we can assure you that she is an undressed hottie using computer!
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March 16th, 2011
When you have a celebrity like Bear Grylls coming round for a party then you have to get exactly the right kind of beer in for the occasion. You wouldn't want to offend him.
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February 7th, 2012
You'll need one hell of a toilet brush to clean up after this guy. Here's a tip for you; never let a gargantuan green rage monster use your bathroom. Whatever he does in there is going to be seriously messy.
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October 8th, 2008
This brings a whole new meeting to running a train on a girl.
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October 9th, 2008
Ive seen a few shoops' in my time, but probably none as weird and disturbing as this - WTF ? You know if you'd had a couple of drinks you wouldn't even notice!
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February 9th, 2009
These tasty birds are soaking up some good vibes after a hard day - remember, there's nothing like a Jacuzzi with friends to unwind - LMAO!
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December 8th, 2010
We laugh because it's funny, we laugh because it's true. You can only imagine the number of greasy-haired pedervs that have to confront each other's sweat-beaded face when trying to entrap young kids. Maybe like 5 or so.
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August 3rd, 2009
It still remains (for some) as the best game ever invented .......PERIOD!
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September 8th, 2011
So you think you're the epitome of Forever Alone, do you? So much of a loner that everyone has forgotten you exist, well, i have bad news for you. You've got absolutely nothing on this dude.
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October 10th, 2008
Oh my god why hasn't anyone done this before. I bet she got loads of stick at school about that name.
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April 29th, 2010
For once a demotivational contains good advice although Chuck Norris is more likely to preach to you, than fuck you up in anyway.
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