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Ninja Sex Party - WTF!?!
September 20th, 2010 
Ninjas getting jiggy, who would ever have thought it? It could be the best party of the entire year but i just don't think it is going to make it. Oh well, i would have liked to see that chick party.
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March 7th, 2008
You have to hand it to the 'Will It Blend?' dude, he's put just about everything he can think of in his blender and still he comes back for more! This is possibly the most shocking item of the lot so far though - LOL !
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October 31st, 2008
Terry has had enough of listening to Sarah Palin's mumbo jumbo so he decides to take matters into his own hands. So Sarah welcome to the pain the first issue is free ! Genius.
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April 28th, 2011
A 4 minute trailer for a feature film with Cage losing his mind? I’d book in advance, front row seat and stock up on gargantuan amounts of popcorn. I’m not happy till I see him in a straight-jacket
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March 25th, 2011
Sometimes you have to pull out all the stops to push the envelope. I doubt that even Travis Pastrana could pull of this trick. Perfect combination of luck and height on the jump - LAMO!
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July 23rd, 2010
They say that experience comes with age - How fecking true! If you're 16 and a skateboarder then there is one thing you're going to want to do. And that is get drunk and try and impress your squad, this kid takes it a little far though.
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July 16th, 2012
Over 100 people jump off this bridge at one time to make a super splash. So now when your mom says "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" they can say yes.
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March 25th, 2010
Who knows what she is singing about but who really cares. Watching a Euro babe cleaning a car with minimal clothing on is always going to be entertaining.
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April 10th, 2012
No home, no belongings, plenty of baggage. A short film about a man, his stories and the boy who listened. The film tells the story of an unlikely friendship between an old Congolese man and a young runaway, living rough on the streets.
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March 26th, 2008
This cute chick is not doing her stereotype any favours at all - Rule number 1 for all budding blonde pole dancers: NEVER video yourself trying to be sexy and let it end up on the internet - LOL!
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August 7th, 2009
I knew that G.I. Joe were an elite military unit who combat a nefarious group of dangerous criminals known as Cobra & high-tech operatives using the very best in advanced military equipment, but I didn't know they could skate.
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