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Ninja Sex Party - WTF!?!
September 20th, 2010 
Ninjas getting jiggy, who would ever have thought it? It could be the best party of the entire year but i just don't think it is going to make it. Oh well, i would have liked to see that chick party.
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January 26th, 2011
Ahh.. Pig Tails, a little plaid outfit and a cam girl with a body that will have a grown man weeping with the joy of it all. Wanda may very well produce some of the most incredible videos ever! Pass me a tissue.. or a box!
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October 9th, 2010
The man who couldn't remember, but who now knows too much, is back and he's pissed. Will they find him in time or will he find them? many have tried, so far, all have failed
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December 22nd, 2010
"He's ACTUALLY mad". Of course he is the zany b#stard! The lesson we can all take from this is that it's highly ill-advised to try and catch a snowball that's bigger than you. But then again, it's worth doing for the lulz.
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September 18th, 2014
Two world class skaters. One skateboard. Watch Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon in a skate film like nothing you've ever seen before - even with the limitations of sharing one board they're still able to deliver plenty of magic.
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April 8th, 2011
There's a few essential life skills that you need to learn as you traverse the treacherous path on that great journey from life unto death. One of the most absolutely necessary is being able to shoot straight after being pepper sprayed in the eyeball.
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December 12th, 2012
Before the character of Bane was finalized he went through quite a few variations with his dialogue, a lot of them concerning food and whether people were getting enough fiber, because he’s actually full of concern and love beneath that mask.
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May 16th, 2008
What if just before the end of the 2nd World War Nazis flew into space and settled on the moon, waiting and planning an attack on the free world? This is the first teaser from Iron Sky and it's awesome !!!
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May 12th, 2014
Whoever the girl is who this is directed at, any other answer than a resounding “NO!” would do irredeemable damage to her self-esteem because, well, just look at the guy. Even a severe beating with a rhythm stick couldn’t save him.
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September 18th, 2010
This poor soul has committed some heinous crime, like borrowing his buddy's game then damaging it beyond repair, & must now face the ultimate price, a BB gun firing squad! Aim for the white of the eyes boys (& his pellet sack), & show no mercy!
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January 17th, 2014
If you are the proud owner of a real shit box then you should do this. Make up a song about how great your car is then upload it to the internet. It'll be sold before you know it.
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