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Nut Shot Revenge Chick!
December 9th, 2011 
Who knows what this guy did to deserve this kind of revenge tactic but it must have been BAD. If she was my lady i'd want her to be touching my nuts a little more softly. Feel sorry for this poor dude, VERY sorry :(
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No, don't feel bad for him, he deserved it.
August 2nd, 2013
When you go to an air show you should expect a plane to land near you, but when you go to a boat show you don't expect a boat to leave the water and come seek you out - WTF!?!
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May 18th, 2012
Under the guise of an interview, these students have on idea what their teachers are doing behind them. While most of the teachers are only okay, there are a few that really, really get into it.
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January 26th, 2010
This might be a mean trick to play on someone but it’s better finding this in your bed than a decapitated horse’s head - LMAO!
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November 7th, 2011
It's coming, we're all excited & true to form Dan Bull expresses his thoughts about the trailer for the latest GTA game. For a game about shootings & unlawful behaviour, the trailer's pretty 'safe'.
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April 12th, 2010
Not sure what it is, but chicks wearing glasses (& very little else) kinda do it for me ! Her name is 'Countess' and i reckon she would treat you like royalty if ever you found your way into her bedroom - As close to total nerdcore as it gets !
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December 13th, 2007
It's time for you all to meet Max the Stunt Monkey! Ok, so it might be some dude dressed up in a monkey costume, but you get the chance to test out his skillz at various stunts - He might be 2 steps down the evolutionary chain but he gives it 110% !
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December 28th, 2012
I'm not sure what any of this has to do with whales, but one thing's for sure, this kid sure knows how to work a crowd. The smart money says he'll either grow up to be a performer or a dictator.
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October 11th, 2011
Proof that females are the more clever of the human species, not only can they multi-task but some of them have other skillz. This chick has a clever way of getting guys to buy her drinks all night.
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June 12th, 2010
We all love the TV show COPS, showing the best (read worst) America has to offer, from drunken hicks to the most stupid criminals the world's ever seen. So enjoy this remix of the dumbest, most absurd people & dialogue America's criminals have to offer.
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December 24th, 2010
Christmas might be over and you are probably pretty bored of it by now, but when it creates videos like this then even the biggest of scrooges can see the good in Christmas.
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