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Nut Shot Revenge Chick!
December 9th, 2011 
Who knows what this guy did to deserve this kind of revenge tactic but it must have been BAD. If she was my lady i'd want her to be touching my nuts a little more softly. Feel sorry for this poor dude, VERY sorry :(
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No, don't feel bad for him, he deserved it.
March 16th, 2009
Regardless of what your chances are with a beautiful woman, the guy in this clip is obviously batting for the other team - OMG!
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February 14th, 2008
Ok, so the dude's French, so you won't be able to understand what he's speaking about - but when he gets into his beatbox routine you are gauranteed to cross any language barrier and listen in awe - AMAZING !!!
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December 4th, 2012
As if BF wasn't bad enough you have to deal with this - The idea is very simple, dress up like an employee at Target and then troll the hell out of all the customers. Keep up the good work guys this is genius.
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August 31st, 2011
He's handshaking like a BOSS! Who knew that the leader of a country could be even close to being cool. If other leaders of countries see this in action then maybe we will finally see world peace?
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September 5th, 2012
It's been a while since we have had anything 2 girls 1 cup related, but you can't keep a good thing down, so we're happy to announce the return of an internet legend in this video.
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November 6th, 2013
Getting mauled to death by a buffalo doesn't seem so bad when the alternative is more time in the car with Rosie. I'm sure he could have ejected her to the wrath of the buffalo and people would understand.
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June 15th, 2011
In this gripping episode they are set upon by a man with a knife, who pretends he’s just walking along the street with his girlfriend. But these guys didn’t get to where they are by ignoring telltale signs like that.
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March 8th, 2011
But this nuke isn’t quite getting the whole terrifying, world shattering vibe that should be its default setting. And as for the mushroom cloud, it’s more like a pink penis cloud.
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February 10th, 2010
So there you are, having a great day, life is good, only thing that could cap it off would be to get home and surprise the wife with some romantic gesture and some afternoon delight! FAIL!
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July 29th, 2011
"Bob and i were heading out to film some shit at a new skatepark and he decided he wanted to do this roof first. The roof did him..." Looks like they should have gone straight to the skatepark, better luck next time boys. Best not tell your parents, eh!?
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