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Nut Shot Revenge Chick!
December 9th, 2011 
Who knows what this guy did to deserve this kind of revenge tactic but it must have been BAD. If she was my lady i'd want her to be touching my nuts a little more softly. Feel sorry for this poor dude, VERY sorry :(
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No, don't feel bad for him, he deserved it.
August 19th, 2010
This is why I always get a professional to do all my auto work and make sure I buy American. When things fall apart, you can always sue the mechanic. But, in this case i would go and hide my head in shame - LMAO!
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June 14th, 2011
Promoting the blonde stereotype to full effect! Later the girl holding the camera got up to go to the bathroom and was never seen again. She's been trying to pull open the push bathroom stall door ever since.
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March 22nd, 2013
Talk about a lucky escape and narrowly avoiding certain death! Here's a helpful tip for everyone out there, don't sledge down hills with roads at the bottom of them. Because you might not be as lucky as this guy.
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June 17th, 2013
Most of us listen to our music on the daily commute through a pair of headphones plugged into our smartphone. Not classical pianist HJ Lim, instead she plugs herself into a sleek, ergonomic acoustic piano for some downtime on planet music.
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September 17th, 2008
The sight of Tom Cruise wearing a fat suit and sporting a bald head as Les Grossman, doing his fancy dance moves is awesome - Maybe this is some sort of Scientology recruitment technique - Playa!'
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July 1st, 2011
A man's best friend is his dog, or at least it's supposed to be. Trying to kick an unsuspecting dog onto a lake is a pretty low move so you have to expect some kind of come back on that, instant Karma's gonna get you.
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March 14th, 2013
The future isn't tomorrow or the next day, it is now, so get with the program. Get ready to have one of these in your living room. Maybe Princess Leia will be leaving you a message some day.
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November 26th, 2007
U.S. Representative Benjamin Sinclair (R-Ohio) has a devised a cunning plan to reduce skull fucking levels in America by 5 to 7% - WTF !!?!
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September 17th, 2012
That pesky house jumped right out in the path of the innocent bus, there was absolutely no chance of getting out the way. So in conclusion, a totally unavoidable incident i'd say. NOT!
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January 22nd, 2008
This celeb kid has a REAL problem saying "Yes !"......I reckon he either needs some radical therapy or to team up with Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" - Either way he's screwed :)
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