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Nut Shot Revenge Chick!
December 9th, 2011 
Who knows what this guy did to deserve this kind of revenge tactic but it must have been BAD. If she was my lady i'd want her to be touching my nuts a little more softly. Feel sorry for this poor dude, VERY sorry :(
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No, don't feel bad for him, he deserved it.
October 4th, 2010
Eminem’s lost his way a bit hasn’t he? That whole sleeping pill addiction must have really hit his career hard. When he was away, not making albums, I assumed he was recovering to come back stronger than ever.
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November 8th, 2008
Have you ever thought for a minute just how dangerous it was to serve on the USS Enterprise? Week after week poor Bones would bend over a limp body with his weird buzzy device and say "He's dead, Jim!' - This stuff never gets old - BRILLIANT :)
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March 23rd, 2011
"The cyclotrope is a cycle of 18 images that is spun at a certain speed so that the frame rate of the camera filming it gives the illusion of animation." You got that. It basically amounts to something insanely awesome, motion graphics using a bike, who'd a thunk it?
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January 9th, 2010
Come on dude, you can't expect to go rushing into things with a pure young Lady such as this, these situations call for patience, finesse, some understanding, she may need some time... NOT!!
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December 24th, 2010
Whatever horrible events happened to you in 2010, just be grateful you weren't one of these people; snagging dangerously on death's coattails, so close but fortunately just far enough too. Better luck next year Death.
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June 27th, 2008
The modern Ikea-born meatball-consuming vikings now unleash high octane phone racing upon us !
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January 27th, 2014
No wonder they all have these dashboard cameras, because they all seem to drive like complete nutcases. Luckily they miss this chick because she doesn't see it coming at all.
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November 12th, 2008
There's nothing wrong with a preference for a wealthy European man, but five of them ? Francine here might not have had as many husbands as Elizabeth Taylor but she has hers all at once ! Be honest now, would you hit it ?!
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June 30th, 2011
This is the kind of cooking talent that you never get on daytime cooking shows. There's no clever use of ingredients and reciepies going on here, just a dude with a rolling pin and awesome!
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June 2nd, 2009
Just when you thought i couldnt get any funnier they release the deleted scenes and you world suddenly becomes a better place again.
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