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Peer Pressure Pier Jump
October 31st, 2013 
Just remember, your 'real' friends are always looking out for you! This fat kid should know by now that his so called friends are only out to get him, and this is no exception. "Yeah course the water is deep chunk!"
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May 22nd, 2013
Grizzly bears these days just don't have any respect for other peoples belongings. Just look at this youth, he finds this HD GoPro camera and eats it. Or maybe that's his interpretation of a duckface?
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October 17th, 2011
They go around, aching of stomach and with headaches moaning about how much pain they’re in. Pah! It’s pathetic, if only they knew the suffering that a man has to go through every time he gets a common cold. Now there’s pain.
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September 23rd, 2008
After yet another disappointing throwing game Vince Young calls a suicide hotline and gets a disappointed Titan's fan as support sponsor/operator - Needless to say, i bet when he tries to shoot himself he misses - LOL!
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October 2nd, 2012
There is really nothing better to start the week, than seeing every young girl's teen idol Justin Bieber having a really bad time. It's amazing how he can keep singing while bent over double throwing up his guts!
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July 7th, 2008
Have you woken up in the morning only to find yet another cal-girl corpse in your house? Dead Hookers can be a real problem in the home and maybe it's time to call in the professionals - Dispose of those expired ladies with confidence - WTF?
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October 3rd, 2011
Mom and Dad grounded this dude from the internet for two weeks. Pretty severe, but the reason he flips out is that he can't tell his guild, or get his epic new crossbow. FAIL!
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May 25th, 2011
Women, a good lesson learned is to leave them WELL alone when any type of blood is involved and this scary scenario is NO exception! Makes you kinda relieved to be a dude!
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December 12th, 2008
A cat eating a bowl of spaghetti is pretty strange in it's self but some of the situations this little moggy gets into are literally outrageous. I would ask what have they been feeding him but i already know.
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July 15th, 2011
The little rugrat is trying to say fish, but instead he unknowingly drops the F bomb. It's a proud moment for his parents. Stay tuned for the explosive sequel where he tries to say 'motherfisher' and 'I want to fish you in the mouth!
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September 20th, 2010
Ah, a foaming vagina. Of course! An ancient deadly ninja art that sadly has long passed from human knowledge. It’s time it was brought back, with a vengeance. It wouldn’t be such a bad way to go - Prepare to enter the WTF? zone!
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