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Peer Pressure Pier Jump
August 1st, 2014 
Just remember, your 'real' friends are always looking out for you! This fat kid should know by now that his so called friends are only out to get him, and this is no exception. "Yeah course the water is deep chunk!"
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January 7th, 2009
It looks like this one can has decided he is The One and the rest of them are Agent Smith. But all the Agent Smiths in the cat world wouldnt be able to take down this kitty Neo.
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June 15th, 2012
Not only has this guy been dumping logs in the toilet but he's been dumping them in the street too. When confronted about his illegal dumps he goes into a rage about not taking "orders" from women. Just a nice guy all round really.
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January 29th, 2014
As you would imagine, riding a bmx backwards while txting on your phone doesn't give you much scope to see where you are going, thus ending in hilarity. That'll teach him to be a smart-ass.
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April 12th, 2012
Sometimes things make no sense at all, here's a good case in point - We have no idea how this makes people want to by Intel products, it's just that weird. Maybe there was a little too much LSD floating around the ideas room that week?
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February 27th, 2010
Finally a rap video about kittens! This combines two awesome things. Gangster rap videos and kittens, but these rude boys aint feeling the kitties, they want them dead! LOL
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July 15th, 2009
What could be better for a demonstration of a dancing arcade game than to get some super hot babes to show you how its done, its enough to make me want to play.
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June 17th, 2011
If you & your buddy get singled out by the Kiss Cam, there is only one thing to do - Swallow your pride, dignity and anything else you'll no longer need and make with the kissing. I think the guy in the grey sweat kinda likes that :/
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April 17th, 2012
Go grab a box of kleenex and get comfortable, it's a bit of a tear jerker this one. After one of these dogs got hit by a motorist, it's friend stays by it's side to say farewell to his best friend. Totally saddening :(
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March 19th, 2012
It's been six years since 'March Of The Penguins' and he hasn't worked since. It's kinda understandble that he's a little touchy when someone is yrying to get some free footage of him in the wild. Go get em' Pingu.
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January 8th, 2010
If you go into the woods today...be sure to bring an axe or face getting brutally murdered by an insane mutant cannibal. There are plenty of gruesome and imaginative deaths to enjoy in the grisly third instalment of this horror franchise _ AWESOME!
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