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Peer Pressure Pier Jump
August 1st, 2014 
Just remember, your 'real' friends are always looking out for you! This fat kid should know by now that his so called friends are only out to get him, and this is no exception. "Yeah course the water is deep chunk!"
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July 1st, 2013
Sometimes even the most valliant of efforts is still not enough - As the great Young MC once wrote in "Bust A Move, "Yon female approaches. You dare not dally. Activate thine locomotive skills."
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November 28th, 2012
I can just imagine what he's thinking..."Man, this escalator is taking FOREVER!" We know sometimes it seems like that but for this guy the nightmare is never ending. Unlucky pal.
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August 28th, 2008
It will come as a big shock to some people to find out that there are really Klingons in the White House and Vulcans running the country - Proof that because you are a politician it doesn't mean you can't be a geek as well - WTF?
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June 12th, 2013
Li Su Ling runs a successful clothing company that she started back in 2003. She puts her success down to hard work, striving for excellence and maintaining high production value so that her team take pride in the work they do.
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February 7th, 2011
I could do that. Easy. Well, when I say I could do that, I actually I mean I absolutely cannot do that and could never do it in a million years even if I spent day and night practicing every little aspect of what we witness in the video.
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January 13th, 2015
Pulp Fiction and Happy Days, for too long these two pieces of popular culture have been kept apart—well no more! Thanks to YouTuber Robert Jones they’ve been brought together.
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November 4th, 2014
This epic brawl happened in Russia (because of course it did) between Moscow-based teams Spartak and Dynamo, battling one another as fists fly and blood splatters between 76 soccer fans.
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June 29th, 2009
Wow i wonder if this is how she gets ready for bed every night, putting on a private show just for you before getting up to some naughty bedroom activities. Smooooking!
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December 31st, 2010
She seems destined to have a future with the Republican Party of “NO” when she’s older. In fact she’s taking the negative to the extreme and beyond, declining any form of subtle manipulation that mummy & daddy can throw at her.
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April 30th, 2012
Cat shows some seriously impressive break-away speed after scaring itself half to death with a water bottle. I'd hate to see what this feline was capable of if it came face to face with an angry dog?
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