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Peer Pressure Pier Jump
August 1st, 2014 
Just remember, your 'real' friends are always looking out for you! This fat kid should know by now that his so called friends are only out to get him, and this is no exception. "Yeah course the water is deep chunk!"
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October 21st, 2010
Stewie Griffin dreams of world domination, diapers never held a man back from rising to the top. Gordon Gekko won't either, in a world that values high-risk greed over low-yield ethics. it's a winner-takes-all contest that neither can afford to lose.
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March 8th, 2013
Some people have NO luck. Firstly he fails the front flip on the trampoline, then as falling that tips over onto him and then..... Well you'll have to wait for that bit of gold. Guess you could say he was totally f#cked - LOL!
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August 7th, 2009
I seriously didnt think the other video could have got any better but i was totally wrong because this one totally one ups it, enjoy everybody.
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August 6th, 2012
In every group there's always one who has to be seriously annoying - Can you spot which baby goat needs to switch back to decaf? And maybe stop eating skittles at every meal.
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August 7th, 2010
Merging two awesome things together can only lead to video wonderfulness ! - Carmen returns to grace our screens as she displays her perfect body once again. But this time she has a new found love for football - She is simply girlfriend material !
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July 22nd, 2009
If you are really drunk and and need to cool off the best thing you can do is climb into a fountain and fail trying to get out of it, because your friends will love it.
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September 5th, 2014
Syria has been immersed in a Civil War since 2011 and it’s had a devastating effect on the civilian population. Khaled Farah, talks about the moment he and his colleagues found a baby alive but buried beneath the rubble of an explosion.
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December 28th, 2011
Ok, so they are actually yawning and someone has substituted voices of humans screaming over the top, but it does have a very cool sense of appeal. Never wonder what a cat's scream would sound like again.
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August 2nd, 2012
A bunch of kids are taken out to a cotton field and told to go pick some cotton all day long in the summer heat. Which is pretty much as about insulting as it gets for African-Americans. Sit back and be entertained while this guy recounts the story. Epic LOLZ.
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November 2nd, 2009
A bunch of wild monkeys invade this couples car and when the girl attempts to push one away the monkey pulls down her shirt and runs off.
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