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Permanent Nutface Gary
October 14th, 2008 
Next time your having an orgasm make sure you aren't pull the most ridiculous face. Because there is a chance that you could sever the tendons in your face and be stuck like it forever.
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November 11th, 2010
This guy in a wheelchair puts a 'would-be thief' in a choke hold. The mayor is going to give him the key to the city, but they are going to have to install ramps to all the doors, first.
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November 5th, 2010
Cats do the most dumb-ass stupid things, like climb in to silly places so they look like a weird cute mutant snake! I say pick it up and roll it off a cliff and watch as its head rebounds off sharp, jagged rock edges and rips open...Or just gaze and say "awwwww".
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March 5th, 2010
Not only does this dude wipe out hard on the jump but as he gets up to brush himself off his snowmobile speeds off unmanned - I just love a dose of frosty failage!
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March 22nd, 2012
Jake Gyllenhaal takes to the hipster-laden streets of East London, dressed in his fencing outfit he goes from party to party to club to snow strewn streets mercilessly wiping out his victims. He’s my new hero.
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May 31st, 2012
This guy, for some reason, needed to make a triathlon harder by trying to juggle while completing it. Meanwhile, we got sort of tired when we started our triathlon and decided to just go find a bar.
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June 21st, 2010
If there’s one thing more annoying than Sam ‘Fucktard’ Gamgee, it’s those fucking vuvuzelas. Even Middle Earth isn’t safe from their incessant bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. “This summer it’s pain like you’ve NEVER felt it before!”
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April 6th, 2011
This guy gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring box, and yanks the rug out from under his girlfriend's dreams of getting married. A thousand bucks should pay for a good relationship counselor.
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November 7th, 2014
Racing looks cool, but it has it's dangerous side. This crash totally wasn't the dude's fault, so he must have been pissed to begin with, but when the wreck catches fire too, I bet he was totally livid. Still, good job he had a camera in the car for us to watch.
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December 9th, 2010
Hahaha This could be classed as an all-time mega fail. Trying to throw a hot chick into a swimming pool - sounds fairly standard practice - but then this happens - gutted my friend.
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August 26th, 2014
Dating can be a minefield, all those fish and all that sea, it’s enough to confuse even the most dedicated and committed person, so it was great news when Dana McLendon released his video revealing the Universal Hot Crazy Matrix.
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