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June 26th, 2012 
This pug's owner strapped a camera to it so he could see the world through a pug's eyes. And what a great world it is, with lots of attention from the ladies a bonus. That is, until the butt sniffing comes in.
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Supberly illuminating data here, thanks!
September 6th, 2011
Sometimes you can't help pullling an awesome beach prank on a cute chick and these guys already managed to pull it off. Adding the drink was a nice touch guys, but then, she was a blonde so it couldn't have been that hard!?
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April 7th, 2009
What could be better than watching a hottie like Felicia rocking out is a skimpy shirt to an awesome track? Well on this Monday nothing so sit back and enjoy.
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January 18th, 2011
My advice in this situation would be, just cover the plow with snow and walk away like nothing happened. No one will ever know, and if they guess it was you just deny it.
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October 19th, 2011
Picture the scene - you are round at your best buddies house and using his laptop. Suddenly you discover his hidden cache of pictures showing his cute girlfriend in some very extreme poses without clothes on - What the HELL are you gonna do about it - LOL
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April 21st, 2008
Having a serious debate about racism is a always a tricky subject to tackle - In hindsight it would have probably beet wiser to attempt this without the inept skillz of Shaun Micallef - Absolute GENIUS !!!
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August 13th, 2012
This video’s been causing a teeny bit of controversy for NBC, featuring as it does scantily clad female athletes, going in for close-ups of their butts and bodies with a porn music soundtrack. Just what were they thinking?
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September 16th, 2008
US gymnast Paul Hunt performs on uneven bars at the 1981 Nadia Tour at Madison Square Garden, NYC - How he managed to do this crazy stuff dressed as a chick is seriously impressive - AWESOME !
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August 31st, 2011
He's handshaking like a BOSS! Who knew that the leader of a country could be even close to being cool. If other leaders of countries see this in action then maybe we will finally see world peace?
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December 6th, 2011
This should be a clear sign that this chick is going to remain single for the rest of her life. God clearly doesn't want her to marry. The sound that she makes as she goes down is epic.
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August 30th, 2011
Sure, it's easier to throw a curveball when you're doing it with a wiffleball, but who knew you could could take it to this level? I reckon if he really wanted to this guy could pitch one that'd hit him in the back of his own head. Sick skill.
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