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June 26th, 2012 
This pug's owner strapped a camera to it so he could see the world through a pug's eyes. And what a great world it is, with lots of attention from the ladies a bonus. That is, until the butt sniffing comes in.
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Supberly illuminating data here, thanks!
April 6th, 2012
We've saved up quite the collection of scares since last October - everything from clowns on trikes and typical scare pranks to fake proposals and snowman K.O.s. What will come out on top.... watch and find out
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October 31st, 2014
This is what Pat Bateman would have liked to have done on American Psycho but he was too worried about what people would have thought about him.
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December 15th, 2010
Brace yourself for the one and only diva of the moon, and Mexican star goddess in a blonde wig and a quick succession of wardrobe changes. She will be the pop sensation of 2011. Gaga, go go.
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February 14th, 2011
So what if the moon landings happened today, what would the media coverage be like? That's the question posed in this look at the tweets, moon cams, celebrity ramblings & digestible pundit nuggets that has become the modern media
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October 14th, 2010
If you are one who considers that drinking yourself into oblivion is an art form, then these guys are your masters. Lets just say these dudes really know how to throw back a few shots... quite literally!
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July 14th, 2011
I’m sure Lexi will be, what’s the word: charmed? No, harrowed, about this delightful video message that might as well be a sign saying “I will stalk you until they break my door down and drag me away in a straight jacket”.
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November 2nd, 2011
The cast and crew of Doctor Who perform like monkeys in front of the camera to celebrate David Tennant finally leaving and ending his over-hyped, child-at-Christmas performance of the Doctor. I still hate him for ending something epic.
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July 15th, 2010
Now this is the kind of game show we need in the west. The idea is to get as close to the boobies but not to touch them, kind of like real life really, i'd probably be pretty good at it.
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November 14th, 2008
With a name like that you just know that this chick's gonna be slightly classy and you won't be disappointed - This upper-class cuteness is definitely high maintenance & would need a dude with a rather large bank account to keep her happy !
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April 11th, 2011
The homoerotic tension runs high (don’t pretend you don’t love it) in this new video for Daft Punk’s track “Alive”, proving the 80s were cool and everyone was younger and sometimes it’s OK to be gay. Gay as in happy!
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