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June 26th, 2012 
This pug's owner strapped a camera to it so he could see the world through a pug's eyes. And what a great world it is, with lots of attention from the ladies a bonus. That is, until the butt sniffing comes in.
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Supberly illuminating data here, thanks!
November 21st, 2014
Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki specialises in giant ollies that most other skaters wouldn't dare trying—in other words, he jumps with his board from absurdly high places. Pity his poor knees.
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May 3rd, 2012
A female Red Sox fan gets into a heated shouting match and takes on Section 328 at Yankee's stadium. This might be the most heated rivalry in baseball, but on Friday night both teams got the win. The Red Sox were in Chicago.
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March 3rd, 2011
Here Ya Go, if you've ever wanted a quick and easy way to learn the storied history of the U.S.of A., we have you covered. I have it on good authority that this information will get you through school!
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August 7th, 2009
I told you guys this kinda thing would be the new black look at them all go soon enough this is going to turn into a full production set. Its cool though.
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January 31st, 2011
He's like a human lava lamp.. well, without the lava, and with arms and legs.. but rubbery arms and legs, and.. well you get the idea.
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July 2nd, 2012
It looks like this cyclist hit some water and slid into the guard rail. The POV of the crash is intense, but the POV of the body flipping around on the ground is even crazier. Luckily, he is okay.
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September 7th, 2012
What are the chances of a duck with lots of ducklings crossing a busy highway? I'd say not very good at all, but somehow this family manages to beat the odd and live to see another day.
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September 28th, 2012
Wanna hear something very deep and meaningful? When life gives you lemons, take a page out of this dogs book and just smash your face into mattress. Wow that was really pretty deep of us, wasn't it?
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April 18th, 2011
Sometimes you do something SO dumb that 'fail' is gonna be the only outcome. This guy gets whipped around a swing by his buddies until he slips off the seat and goes flying over 25 feet in the air.
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March 4th, 2013
Is it still illegal to do this if you switch it back when you’re done? Damn, this guy has balls of steel to attempt this, but it's SO tempting - Either way it's a good way top spend your time if you get bored in a city.
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