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Pyromaniac on Wheels
May 25th, 2011 
Yeah, you could look cool on your new bike, busting some moves trying to impress the ladies. But this guy's wheels are on fire. That's right: flaming wheels. You can try to be a badass, but you'll never be a badass as this guy.
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December 13th, 2007
The newly-minted John Kerry taser victim internet meme takes it's place amongst the new rising stars - Chris Crocker & Miss South Carolina make a perfect trio - WTF?
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November 12th, 2012
In the Queen's country the British conduct an altercation with finesse - Lets just say they don't get quite as physical as the Russians do. These stiff upper lipped gents have a little discussion and then go on their merry way.
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April 24th, 2008
Dragon Boy Suede's new song is destined to become the new geek nerdcore anthem - Quit playing with your Donkey Kong, pull your head outta the sand - more chicks less Missile Command :)
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March 11th, 2009
Did you ever wonder why they dont make intoxicating body sprays for women like they do for men? Well they are now and you wont be able to resist their powers.
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May 17th, 2013
He's the sort of pet you could get if your skills at looking after animals really aren't up to scratch. The bad thing is that you get no sense of companionship. You know, the fact that they're actually the real thing!
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October 17th, 2013
And this ladies & gentlemen is why it's always good to be fashionably late - They thought one of them was in for a special treat but a late arrival turns up and takes all the glory for himself.
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July 28th, 2011
The military, out there fighting different people the world over for freedom and democracy and hate and stuff. And what thanks do they get? A video compilation of them f*cking up. But from the internet, that's gratitude.
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November 26th, 2010
For some people throwing a hat is a matter of getting home from a hard day’s slacking and chucking the hat away as you slump on the couch. Who cares where it lands? Not these guys though. For them it’s a matter of pride!
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December 9th, 2010
Extreme corporate retreats like this, lost at 14,000 ft in the Andes mountains, have their positives, just make sure your boss & colleagues retreat all the way into the vast, wild jungle while you get some bonding sessions with that leggy blonde from accounts.
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March 7th, 2011
Weddings can be pretty stressful & you don't wanna f#ck it all up! Your already late for your big day so you had better get there quick smart, but just make sure you go to the right church or you could look a little stupid.
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