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Pyromaniac on Wheels
May 25th, 2011 
Yeah, you could look cool on your new bike, busting some moves trying to impress the ladies. But this guy's wheels are on fire. That's right: flaming wheels. You can try to be a badass, but you'll never be a badass as this guy.
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August 13th, 2009
Sorry darling beat boxing blows whether you are a big fat black guy or a semi hot slim white chick, so views do what i did and turn the volume down, then enjoy.
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January 14th, 2011
Logic would tell most of us it's a dumb idea to jump off a roof on a skateboard, even the smallest bit of common sense should tell us not to keep doing it over and over. Then there is this guy...
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January 19th, 2012
Talk about an unfair fight. Ok, so this tree has been giving it the big one for months now, running it's mouth every 5 minutes. Yep, he should have kept it's mouth shut but the reaction from this dude is totally over the top. No more baby bananas from this poor tree. Ever.
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October 6th, 2011
This is the sequel to Melanie Iglesias's first Flip Book project. This time she brings along her best friend, Lisa Ramos, because two pretty heads are better than one & proof that you can never have too much of a good thing.
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August 8th, 2012
One second, you're a Starfish, having fun, talking it up with your Starfish friends, starfishing around. Next second, an icy finger of death is killing you and all your buddies. It goes to show that nature can be a totally uncaring evil biatch!
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April 11th, 2012
It’s true when they say 90% of all the worlds weird sh#t comes straight from the heart of Japan. Schoolgirls, tentacles and assorted oddities are just the way they roll. As far as Japan goes, this trailer is pretty vanilla.
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October 20th, 2011
Do you know what the definition of a true fried is? A 'true' friend doesn't spill your beer, even when it's you that hit him in the head with a bat. Still, thats gonna leave a NASTY bruise!
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January 17th, 2011
I can totally see the uses of this trick that would benefit mankind, Finally something other than the top down view to see if there's beer left in my frosty mug. F*ck Yeah!!
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March 19th, 2012
When Charlie and Grandpa Joe query about exactly when they’re going to get their lifetime’s supply of chocolate, Mr Wonka gets upset. SrslySirius puts his musical magic to this classic scene and the result is magical. Great stuff.
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April 8th, 2011
Never tell someone to give you a wedgie, as you'll soon regret it when your underwear is resting just below your chin and your friend has used such superhuman force that you'll be sh#tting bits of fabric for months to come. ROFL.
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