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Red Sox Vs Yankee's
May 3rd, 2012 
A female Red Sox fan gets into a heated shouting match and takes on Section 328 at Yankee's stadium. This might be the most heated rivalry in baseball, but on Friday night both teams got the win. The Red Sox were in Chicago.
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March 14th, 2012
First there came 'Microcopters', then 'Robots That Fly' and we feared that it was only a matter of time before the Skynet uprising - We were wrong. Now the true usurper to the human race has shown his whiskered face.
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October 26th, 2010
The Old Spice Messiah just needs to talk to turn chicks into drooling damsels - The female radio host has literally dropped to her knees & begged him to be his slave during an interview - Just imagine having that much power in your voice.
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December 2nd, 2013
For such an awesome concept, namely giant robots and giant monsters beating the crap out of each other, how can this film get so universally panned? Honest Trailer tells it like it is.
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March 9th, 2010
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December 3rd, 2007
This skateboarding wannabe doesn't realise it yet but he's about to pull of the most amazing skate trick EVER invented - I'll doubt he'll ever try it again though - LOL!
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June 15th, 2012
They started working on this one a long time before the other film, but it took so long to animate it and get it all right it's only just about to be released now. I wonder what other films could be make with Lego men.
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June 23rd, 2011
In ze Soviet Russias, cats bark. Coming across like some kind of nonsense animal from a poem by a guy who's not even a real doctor, this black cat perches upon a window ledge, opens its jaws and lets out a bark.
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May 29th, 2013
A distracted photographer gets hit by a runaway tire from a speeding car during the King of Drift racing event in Poznan, Poland. On a side note, I wonder just how many tires they get through each race?
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October 7th, 2009
A very ticked-off elephant crashes into a crowd at a temple, injuring several people. He was either startled by the crowd noise and lights or someone opened a bag of peanuts when they shouldn't have.
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August 16th, 2011
This attempted implosion at the Loring Air Force Base in Maine would've been the largest implosion in the history of Maine. Instead, the demolition company's reputation experienced the biggest implosion in the state's history.
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